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I'm not positive but I think an important indicator would be what your ferritin level was. That's your iron stores. That really helps (IMO) to gage how much treatment you need. If your ferritin stores are still within normal range your doctor might have felt that your hemoglobin would return fairly quickly on it's on. For me, when I was diagnosed I was at 7.7 for hemoglobin and 0 for ferritin which I'm told is not that common. So it's been hard to get my levels up because my stores are completely gone, so anytime I bleed I drop again.

But I would like being in the 9 range you should at least be re-tested if nothing else...and see if they can also test your serum iron and TIBC. It can't hurt, and hopefully will help. Being anemic can definitely affect your immune system so you aren't crazy or anything :)

Hopefully someone who has been dealing with this longer can offer more advice, but I hope this helps!

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