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Hi Molly Holly:wave: im not surprised you feel terrible with your count so low. Mine at one point was 9.7 ferritin around 2 and i seemed to catch every bug and infection going.

I wanted to post because 5 years ago when all this started for me i didnt know much about anaemia and because they seemed so unconcerned at the surgery i thought it was barely worth worrying about.

I didnt get much of a follow up or retesting of levels and i was miserable with little energy.

My advice, and i wish i could go back and tell myself, would be

take the iron tablets get retested after 3 months make sure you get a print out of the test results.
Make sure they test the ferritin levels.
Go back every 3 months to check how things are.

Make sure they have tested for B12 and celiac these are the minimum tests they should do at least perhaps even Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and T4 test too

I hope you feel better soon x
[QUOTE=mollyholly;3910560]I'm taking ferrous sulphate, but it doesn't help that my body reacts really badly iron tablets and I am suffering from all of the known side effects, sometimes all at once. This week has been particularly bad, Friday I don't know how I made it to work, and this morning I could barely move. Has got better as the day has gone on but feel like I'm in a dream and I'm not really here - if that makes any sense!

Thank you all for your replies :). I have made appointment to go back and see doctor on Tuesday and will push for another blood test, in the mean time it's good to know I'm not alone so thank you:angel:[/QUOTE]

Hi molly holly
yes I know that dream like feeling i was on the low side for ferritin and my iron was also low normal transferrin though my son is the same my daughter is iron deficient but not aneamic...We all have a B12 deficiency though......for me that is what gave me that spaced out not real feeling and much much more....
You can also have anemai from B12 deficeincy pernacious anemia or folate deficeiency .....It changes the red blood cells making them appear larger .....Did your doctor do your iron or just your CBC i am a little confused because you only give number for heamo....I will second the comment on having your B12 tested and your folate as well...there is alway a reason for these things so it is wise to find out what is causing it......
it would be wise to ask your doctor if he did those tests if not get them done...It does take a while for things to get better though...
Be persistant if you have to make sure you get your results printed out as well...

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