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Hello Everyone!
Mar 4, 2009
I have not posted in a while and just wanted to check in and see how you all were?
I have been feeling much better, I go to the doc in a few weeks for more blood work. I saw my GYN at last and thinks I should go for the Endo Ablasion. I also asked her about my weird symptoms, the brain fog, feeling strange and just out of it, and she said that it was a common symptom in some people with low iron. But forgot to ask why, was it from lack of blood to the brain??
I also noted that my periods got a lot worse after I had my tubes tied. Some months were awful, I recall once going to my GYN who has now retired b/c I thought I was bleeding to death. Yep, that bad.....:eek:

I still have a lot of anxiety about if my iron was the cause of how I felt last summer. I know that I did improve in about 8 weeks on iron, so I am hoping that was the culprit. I had always felt there was something physical wrong with me and not my nerves. Granted, I am a nervous person and so suffer from PA from time to time, but I knew that something was not right with me!

I keep journals and last night looked thru them just to pin point my hell into iron depletion. I know that it all seemed to come to a head after I had a kidney stone in 2005. After the removal, I had bactremia and sepsis, I was so sick. After that the brain fog came bad and had it for 3 months. I thought it was from stress and just being wiped out from the infection and a lot of personal things going on. But now I wonder if it was my iron, if It just took a toll on me? I know the palps started up really bad in the months after, severe. Of course thought it was anxiety.

I also had written about me having strange feelings in my legs, a weak/numb feeling, my feet feeling tingly and of course DIZZY and TIRED :dizzy:.... But the symptoms would go away and I woud feel ok for a while and then it would come back again. This is what confuses me? Was it possible that I would retain a little iron and feel ok only to have my period and drag me down again? I guess I have a hard time understanding how come I would feel ok then boom, it all would come back and each time the symptoms would be the dizzy spells, which were a lot and the heart palps, then that would go and the numb calves would come, then that would go and then the cycle would continue....:eek:
I had even commented on how my brain fog seemed to come after a dizzy spell and last for a while. I do remember that before last summer, I felt as if I was going to black out one am and then the brain fog came and stayed.

I had this strange vision thing too, its hard to describe, almost like looking at hot pavement on a summer day, shimmery like? Anyone else have this??

But as I said, that feeling that hit me over the summer after I felt faint, was awful. 3 months of hell. I felt so strange, spaced out, lack of mental clarity and drugged up, mental haze, like my head was in a vacuum or a curtain over my brain. My doc said I was depressed, but I did not feel depressed, of course I was, just about how bad I felt, but I wanted to do things, I wanted to enjoy life, unlike when your depressed and don't want to do anything.

I just feel like the bottom will fall out anytime and that feeling will return. I just think, gosh, could my iron have done all of this to me? Is it possible?
My fe was 2 when this all started and last labs showed it was 40.
I guess I am still anxious about the horrible brain stuff coming back and needing some reassurance. :D

Anyway, how are the rest of you??
I hope well......
[QUOTE=star_light221;3908631]Could i ask how old you are? I am 54 and i suffer from all the symptoms you mentioned and panic and anxiety disorder
Do you feel cold when a slight breeze blows on your skin? or do you get hot flashes? twitches in the muscles,ocular migraines or feels of electrical zaps through your body?

I had my first Ocular about a month before I found out my iron was low and it scared me to death. I had three of them in a week.
I do get the zaps in my head, like a jolt or a twinge, I notice it more when I am tired. I don't get hot flashes much, but some muscle twitches, but nothing that really bothers me in that area.
I just turned 40....
Do you have low iron??

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