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my iron levels are 6
my transferrin IBC 71 normal is 45-70 what part of the iron is this?
transferrin saturation 9% normal=16 to 50,what part of the iron is this?
serum ferritin assay 23 normal=15 to 290,what part of the iron is this?
It says that the studies suggest iron defficiency the ferritin maybe misleadingly elevated to within normal range by concurrent inflaatory disease
I have no inflammatory disease that i know of, what could this be? I was b12 defficient but it has since gone up to normal levels and my folate went up to over 900 after being 400
I am still having ocular migraines but brain scan showed nothing wrong in that area
i keep getting these strange quick electical dizziness, terrible electrified and ringing ears,light sensitivity
and its almost like i can see energy around me,and i am having panic attackes and morbid fear of death
i am 54 year old and i went through menopause at 37, i have seven grown children the last were twins ,my oldest daughter had celiac disease but i have been tested and do not suffer from celiac
my tummy burns,bloats,swells and it kicks off the anxiety
anyone relate
strange symptoms


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