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:wave:These numbers are located on your Complete Blood Count aka (CBC), Hematology report. If they are below range your are considered to be anemic. MCV tells about the size of the cells which can lean towards an iron or vitamin deficiency such as B-12.

If you were anemic, I would say yes, it is possible for some to experience eye sensitivity and migraines. You said you were not anemic though, meaning your normnal Hgb level. Could your migraines and sensitivity be related to your anxiety? What does your doctor think? You may have something else, plus a low iron happening. It can be more than one thing, I have learned this over and over.

A low ferritin can and often does cause anxiety in many people. It's really hard to say (even for doctors) how one person will handle low iron. You have to search all the avenues and rule things out as you obviously are doing.

Have you seen a GI doc for your stomach symptoms and testing? If not, you may want to do this. You could have a reason such as malabsorption of iron, unrelated to Celiac disease. You may also have a little gluten sensitivity happening without a full blown disease.

I had many symptoms but MOST were related to being anemic, and not so much a low ferritin which I think, IMO ~mostly~ causes fatigue. Keep us posted.

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