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I hope I can explain this correctly without being too confusing. My family has a history of essential tremor. My grandfather had it so badly that he could no longer feed himself or drink by himself because his hands shook so badly. Subsequently, all of his children (which includes my Dad) have this to some degree or the other. I, too, have this. They thought my grandfather had nerve damage from undiagnosed pernicious anemia.

I was recently diagnosed with moderate anemia (hemoglobin was 9.5) and a ferritin of 2. The doctor started me on iron supplements, methylcobalamin 1000 (B12), methylfolate 1000 (folic acid), and vit. D. I was low in vit. D also.

The first thing I noticed after starting all these vitamins was that my hands stopped shaking and my tongue became less sore. That's probably the only significant improvement I have had thus far, but a very positive improvement nonetheless!

I was checked for parietal cell antibodies and was negative for that, so I guess I do not have pernicious anemia, but I feel the B vitamins have helped me with the essential tremors.

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