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Ferritin level
Mar 11, 2009
My Hemoglobin is 15.2,My TIBC is high normal,transferrin is low normal,iron level is high,saturation is high,ferrtin is 8.
I do have PICA-ice chewer.I have RLS for which I take 75MG Lyrica daily.I had been on 325MG iron per day but aDr. I know out of state who saw my blood work results says I should go off iron immediately cause my iron level was close to overload.
I haven't spoken with my PCP yet about whether oft not I need to see a Hematologist.I have bloodwork done monthly and B-12 shots monthly.I have been anemic all my life and made it worse by going off red meat for 5 years to lose weight.At that time,my hemo. sllipped to 8. I feel good and have more energy than most 66 yr old women.I also have osteoporosis and arthritis. Do I have any reason to be concerned.My PCP has never mentioned anything about my ferritin level.He's been treating me for years.
Re: Ferritin level
Mar 12, 2009
I just looked at your post again and see feritin is 8 you are fine. maybe you can cut back on iron once a day to get the rest of you high blood work down but your ferritin is still very low
Re: Ferritin level
Mar 12, 2009
I noticed that I used to have severe leg cramps before i was diagbosed after retirement with a Hemo. of 8-I was transfused-went on 975 Mg of iron/daily then graduall down to one.My iron being high and ferritin being low is worrisome but I will not have a colonoscopy-just wonderd how dangerous the low ferritin is since i do feel so good.I also take ativan.50 mg 4 times a day and the Dr. said I could add one to help me sleep but i sleep like a rock.Panic attacks from a failed marriage quite afew years ago
Re: Ferritin level
Mar 12, 2009
:wave:Emily--Welcome to the boards!

I'm going to answer all your posts here because this is the one with the most information.

You feel well because you have enough iron in circulation and you are not anemic at all with a 15 Hgb. Your ferritin is what is low and that can take up to a year to replete. This means you have no iron stores which is a reserve for whenever the body needs iron.

[U][B]The iron results that you are speaking of is your Iron Panel[/B][/U]:

Iron serum--Is the iron in circulation at the time of testing this can change when taking iron supplements and eating iron rich foods. All this is reflected in your serum iron count. You may want to fast for your next iron panel, ask your doc.

Sat-Your Saturation is high because of serum iron count being so high. You don't want the saturation to exceed 45% so that you don't overload.
25-35% is ideal.

Ferritin-A low ferritin is consistent with anemia and blood loss. This number shouldn't exceed 200 for women with a 45% T-sat so that you don't overload. You have no problem here.

TIBC--Total iron binding capacity tells how much of the transferrin in the blood is NOT carrying iron. People with iron deficiency anemia have a high level of transferrin that is not carrying iron. So, this is normal.

I think that you said in another post that you were taking 975 mgs of iron when that really relates to 195 mgs elemental iron total daily which is a normal dose, but the bottle reads 325 for each tab. That is 65 mgs x 3 = 195 elemental iron daily.

I don't know exactly how long you you have been taking iron and I guess that you have been taking 65 mgs x 3 when you were taking iron. I don't understand how you got these high numbers and only have an 8 ferritin. Also, you said that you have PICA too and that usually goes away shortly after the iron goes into the system. So, I am a little confused by your situation. If it was a short while and your Hgb went normal, It would make sense. But to have no ferritin (under range) I am not sure I understand what is happening. Are you saying that you have been on high dose iron for ages and you still have no ferritin? Sometimes people have a problem with this, it is not totally unheard of. Or maybe there is a reason that the ferritin is being used up. If you have always been anemic perhaps you have a different type of anemia other than iron deficiency. Do you have Pernicious Anemia?

Only your doctor can tell you why or what is happening. Here we can only speak from our own experience. It does take a long time to get the ferritin moving for some of us. It took me about 10 months before I could store iron but I was having heavy periods and couldn't take the recommended amount of iron because it made me ill. If your doctor doesn't seem to have answers for you that make your comfortable when you are rechecked then I would see a Hematologist based on your history of always being anemic as you said in a post. Can I ask why you won't have a colonoscopy? When there is anemia present or a problem then you should rule out any possible causes. Also, you shouldn't be treated with iron until other things are ruled out. Keep us posted.

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