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[QUOTE=misha7574;3916332]Hi! I'm new here... I'm 34 y/o female and basically in good health (a little over weight).
[COLOR="Blue"]Welcome to the boards!:wave:[/COLOR]

I tried to give blood last Friday and my Hb was 9.8. They said it's not uncommon when women are on their menstrual cycle, but I wasn't. I went to the doc and they took some blood. My ferritin level is <1. My Hb was up a little from Friday (11) and my hematocrit was 33.9%.

[COLOR="Blue"]Heavy periods are the most common cause for iron deficiency anemia in women.[/COLOR]

Why would my Hb go up when my ferritin is so low? Is it normal for Hb levels to fluctuate so much?

[COLOR="Blue"]That is how it works. You use the ferritin up until it is gone and you have no more iron in containment. This is what keeps your HGB stable.[/COLOR]

I don't have "heavy" periods...only 1-2 days of actual flow--but those two days are heavy.

[COLOR="Blue"]This is all it takes for years to deplete the ferritin. More iron is lost than taken in.[/COLOR]

The doctor has me on 1 tablet of Ferro-Sequels (not sure of the dose--I think 100mg) and 500mg of vitamin C twice a day. He told me to come back in three months...

[COLOR="Blue"]This is typical and normal. It takes time.[/COLOR]

Personally I'm a little more concerned about WHY my ferritin levels are so low. I don't eat "uber" healthy...I eat an average US diet--I'm not a vegetarian.

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.


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