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OK, quick back history. I am 33 yr old F that has had a complete hyst. with ovaries removed. I am not on any hormone therapy. I had surgery Jan 26, 2009 to clean up adhesions and sugery March 3, 2009 to remove my last ovary. Due to complications the surgery lasted overy 2 1/2hrs, but was still listed as minimal blood loss. When I had my pre-labs done for the first surgery it flagged the following four:
[COLOR="Blue"]WBC: 10.9 (4.0-10.5)
RBC: 3.9 (4.20-5.40)
HGB: 11.9 (12.5-16.0)
HCT: 35.9 (37.0-47.0) [/COLOR]
Don't know if its related but my potassium also flagged low as 3.4 (3.6-5.1).

:dizzy: OK, as if all of that wasn't confusing. I have always had a low HGB. With iron suppliments it used to run around 10. My OB was never worried about it so I didn't. He said that after my hysterectomy it would correct itself. I was shocked to see my results come back so low before my suregery. This is the only time they have been tested since my hysterectomy.

OK Now on to my real confusion!!! :dizzy::eek::dizzy: I had my yearly physical today. My doctor left a message on my voice mail that I was severly anemic and he had called me in a script that they wanted me to start today! When I went to pick it up the pharm had to come out and talk to me. Asked what my blood levels were and when I would be retesting. When I told her I had been tested that morning she said that my levels must be really low because it was a rare high dose. Then she came back in a couple of minutes and said that my ins does not cover any iron suppliments and it would be $96!!!!!I can't afford that so I didn't get them. :( I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can take a cheap wal-mart brand OTC and to get my iron levels. He also ran the "iron test panel" (whatever that is) because I "look" really anemic. My iron has always been so low that I never really thought about it. Is this a big concern? And if so why won't my insurance cover it? Sorry for all the questions.
japennington--Welcome to the boards!:wave: Congrats on your surgery!

You should get copies of all your test results for your own reference in the future. You can post these here if you like. How long have you been going through this? are you feeling?

What is the name of the iron and the amount that was prescribed for you. I am very curious about this. I was taking a script/OTC and it is Poly Iron 150 mgs I was on 300 mgs daily for 1 yr and now 150 daily up to 2 yrs now. I consider this high dose. It is also behind the pharmacy without a script and cost about $20.00 if you ask for it. At this time I had a 8.5 hgb and 2 ferritin.

It is not healthy to have a low ferritin or to be anemic. Anemia is a symptom not a disease in and of itself and the cause always needs to be found and fixed. Now, your anemia should resolve, but you will probably need to build the ferritin. What is your ferritin? Ferritin is the iron stored in the bone marrow and organs. Serum iron is the iron in circulation in the blood. Keep us posted.

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