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[QUOTE=j0j0quan;3919202]I went to a doc (don't have a regular) to go over my blood test results. Symptoms of muscle/joint pain, fatigue, cold and fast heart rate.

[B]j0j0quan--Welcome to the boards!:wave: Don't even get me started!!!!:mad:[/B]

Hemoglobin = 8.2 (normal 11.5-15)
Hematocrit = 30.6 (normal 34-46)
Ferritin = 3 (normal 22-291)

He said that I have MILD anemia and that's it is no big deal :confused:. Just take some supplements.

[B]Your "Doc in a Box" is full of misinformation for you. I think that you might want one that can actually help you, or understand anemia a little more. You are MODERATELY ANEMIC, NOT MILD, NOTHING MILD ABOUT YOUR HGB. I was 8.5 and I know first hand how that feels. At that, you are on the lower end of the count for serious/severe! My doc said at a 7 they give blood transfusion and some here think 8 where they live. So, how's that for being mildly anemic. [/B]

He also said that my symptoms are not caused my anemia. It's something or else or possibly stress and anxiety.

[B]I would say that is possible. Most symptoms are probably anemia related and you may also have something else happening. I think that when we get so run down, which has probably been going on a long time that if there are any underlying conditions that they too decide to come out and take advantage. Something like this did happen to me. I was told the same as you in the beginning so you may want to keep this in mind as well. If it goes away as your anemia is resolved then you will know what it is from, and only time will tell. Also, anxiety is a major common symptom of anemia. It happened to me but was not the cause of my daily symptoms. Keep us posted.:wave:[/B] [/QUOTE]

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