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Re: B12?
Jun 9, 2009
hi guys..
sorry its taken me so long to reply but i actuallly ended up in hospital last week having my appendix out after an extreme bout of stomach pain which my GP tried to tell me on tues was too much stomach acid. and sure enough, later that night i had to take myself to the hopsital as the pain got so bad... i was diagnosed with grumbling/rumbling appendix on thursday and had it our friday - it was very nasty and pusy- really needed to come out. Now im at home recovering.

anyway, i was told when i went to see my gp on that tuesday that my latest bloods taken the previous friday were all normal. When i got to hospital on tues, my bloods were all over the place... high WBC, Inflammation markers etc

but here are my results from my blood tests done by the doctor the week before last

Heamoglobin estimation 14.9
RBC 5.01
MCH 29.7
MCHC 33.8
Heamocrit 0.44
MCV 88
white cell count 8
platelets 342
neutrophil 4.2
lymphocyte 3.3
monocyte 0.35
serum folate 6
b12 280
serum ferretin 20

immunoglobulins were tested - one of which was high, but im assuming this was to do with the appendix starting to kick off.

now i was orignally worried about the b12 level but its actually gone up (272 to 280) since my last test almost a year ago.. but i still think its too low.
looking at the results of this new test im more worried that my ferretin has dropped from 67 to 20 in under a year... is this too low? could it be the casue of my fatigue etc?

i was told my thyroid was being tested but none of those results mean anything to me thyroid wise - i was looking for TS4 etc?

any input would be GRATEFULLY received!! ill keep checking for your responses

many thanks

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