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Mar 16, 2009
hi everyone...
ive been feeling ill for years now and have been visiting all sorts of doctors and specialists over the last year and still havnt found an answer.

severe digestive problems - very noisey/gurgly stomach/ bloating/ mucus in stool /always hungry /food cravings

always exhausted... no energy, feel like im going to fall asleep (worst; in the afteroon normally) cant walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. cant get up in the mornings, sleep for hours and still wake up tired

anxiety/panic attacks and depression (caused by all of the health problems)
easliy embarrassed, difficulty talking to people/social anxiety

dizzyness/ my balance isnt so good/ feeling 'out of it' all the time... strange vision; like the contrast of light is turned up.

chronic post nasal drip

cold hands & feet... i get hot or cold very easliy, if its a little bit cold or a little bit hot. i sweat a lot and when i get a bit cold my hands and feet go white/purple like theyre draingin of blood.

used to have very heavy painful periods, which was solved by going on the pill a couple of years ago, but for the last 6 months ive been spotting in between periods... doctor wants to do an internal exam.

now... ive been diagnosed with 'functional bowel disorder' to explain my digestive problems... im doing a series of food eliminations and then there are several tablets i have to try to see if i can get rid of it... but i dont think its as simple of that.

my question really is what is casuing all the other symtoms.. in particular the fatigue. im just so tired all the time, it isnt right.

ive had sinus xrays, digestive ultrasound, stool tests, urine tests
full blood count, ferretin, b12, glucose, h pylori, ceoliacs, basic thyroid, liver function, and a blood test for something to do with muscle inflamtion.
they all came back normal.

the only one im concerned about is b12 as it was 272 (this was 6 months ago) which i think is too low from everything ive read. but seeing as its in the normal range that doctors give, my doctor is dismissing it and disagrees with eveything i say about it. she says that because my FBC was normal and i my red blood cells are the right size i cant have b12 deficiency. but my symptoms do fit it, and id like to have more b12 related tests.

id also like to get my hormone levels tested becasue of the period problems and becasue i have other symptoms pf hormon imbalance like excess hair and spots. but my doctor says my hormones will be balanced becasue im on the pill.

ive seen 2 doctors now and they just seem to think its all down to the depression and just give me more anti-depressants and treat it like a therapy sessions, rather than talking about more tests or my physical symptoms.

i dont know what to do now... could it be b12? should i push for more tests? is there anything else i should try and get tested?

i'm desperate fro some input, thanks.
Re: B12?
Mar 17, 2009
thanks for your replies...
swjack i know exactly what you mean having to drag yourself throug each day, sometimes i wish i could go to bed at night and not wake up untill the weekend so i didnt have to froce myself to go to work and do everyday tasks. i hope youfind an answer, id be interested to know your test results and what the doctor says.

here kittykitty,
ive got copies of most of my numbers from the last time they were tested about 6 months ago, and they are all within 'normal range'..

RBC 4.49
HB 13.8
Heamocrit 0.41
MCV 92
MHC 30.7
platelets 269
MCHC 33.4
ferretin 67
B12 272 (range 140-900)

i dont no my thyroid numbers, only that they were 'normal'

id be interested to know what you think
Re: B12?
Mar 17, 2009
help wanted--If I were you, I would work on that B-12 until you are at the top of the range which will take a while. Then see what symptoms are left; 400-500 is still the symptom stage no matter what the doc says about being okay and in range. The next thing that I would have done is see a Rheumatologist to rule out AI disease that may be at work and undetected at least an ANA and C-RP. Along with the thyroid, keep checking that too. Did you have a test for the Anti's for Hashi's? These are things that may contribute to your symptoms or not. Whenever there is fatigue that you are speaking of all these things need to be ruled out and even more that your doctor can ask for. This is a good start. I do understand how you are feeling, I myself have done all these things and still suffer with the fatigue. My GYN said the other day she believes that it is CFS, but to be sure it is not a bigger problem too, such as a blood cancer. I would have thought that my Hematologist has already ruled that one out too. Take care and keep us posted.
Re: B12?
May 22, 2009
hi guys,
thought id give you an update... ive been back to the doctors trying to get her to listen to me about the b12 - she called it 'american hype' and basically said my level was within range and thats fine, and she doesnt believe the whole b12 thing.
however she has agreed to redo all my blood tests including b12 and had given me some b12 tablests to try for a few months.

Arghhh doctors are no help!!
sometimes i feel disabled where i feel so weak and ill and shes trying to tell me theres nothign wrong with me!!!

oh and the b12 shes prescribes is cyanocobalamin 50mg tablets...will this even be enough to make a difference to my b12? should i try sublinguals instead?
Re: B12?
May 23, 2009
flower girl, thanks for your reply.
i know, my doctor will just not think outside the box or consider anything to be wrong with levels that are somewhere within the normal range, even when there are symptoms. No i havnt had my b12 checked, im getting blood taken next week to get everything rechecked, itll be interesting to see if its changed.
im not going to start taking any b12 untill ive had the blood test. i may see if i can get hold of some sublingual b12 and try that.

Audrey, thank you also for your reply.
i did have a thyroid blood test months ago wich i was just told was 'normal', im having it rechecked next week and will try to get a copy of my results and post them to see what you think.
Its intersting what you said about digestive problems and thyroid. i too am always hungry and have to eat a lot. i get major stomach grumbling, from eating/digesting food and from hunger if i dont eat for a few hours. i also get dreadful bloating and gas. theyve diagnosed me with a sensitive/overactive diestive system but i resufe to belive that it isnt the result of something else, there must be something going on in my body to cause that.

As for digestive enzymes, i have tried them before for a little while but they didnt really make a difference. what sort and dosage were you taking, and for how long?

i dont have ceoliacs/gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance. i also had s blood test for liver function whcih was normal. my periods have always been very heavy, painful. ive been on the pill for a number of years whcih settled them a fair bit, but lately ive been getting a lot of spotting/discharge and theyre getting heavier. i suggested getting my hormones checked but my doctor said they will all be fine becasue im on the pill?! she wants me to have an imternal exam/swabs.

i did once see another doctor in the same practise and he was just as ignorant and useless, if i dont get anywhere with my doc soon, ill try the rest of them in the practise but i get the feelign they all read her notes and say the exact same thing!!!
i am my own doctor! i just wish there was a way i could test myself for eveything so i could actually find out whats wrong, if only i was a qualified doctor!
Re: B12?
Jun 10, 2009
Hi helpwanted - yes, your B12 and ferritin are both low. Are you taking any B12 supplements? Sublingual B12 which you dissolve in the mouth are great. I put my dad on these and his B12 went nice and high, up in the high 500's. You would likely notice feeling better with a higher level of B12.

Most definitely a ferritin of 20 could be making you tired. Remember we are all individuals and we'll all feel different at a level of 20. It might be within range, but it's still quite low. You would benefit greatly by lifting it higher.

For thyroid you are looking for TSH, T4, T3 and 'if' they check for Thyroid Antibodies, just incase you had an autoimmune thyroid disease.

Good to hear they got your appendix out in time. I'm sure you will feel so much better. Hoping you have a quick recovery :)
Re: B12?
Jun 10, 2009
helpwanted:(--I say raise both levels and you will feel like a new girl! However, if I remember correctly you have been suffering this fatigue for years and at that time (a while back) your ferritin was at the higher end of the range meaning above 50. So, in this case it makes me feel that your B-12 is a bigger culprit for you sense this has continuously been low and an ongoing problem for you. That is why I suggest raising both and see how you and your symptoms are feeling. At least your are finding a cause for your symptoms. Sorry to hear that you had to get your appendix out, I wonder if that hasn't been a problem for a while causing some symptoms? Take care. FLFG :)
Re: B12?
Jun 15, 2009
Thanks Flower girl, hopefully this finally is the answer! How long do you think it will take to build up my b12 and ferretin? im guessing itll be a few months untill i see any imporvement.
one more question... does any one no the normal/optimum range for folate?
whats a trans vaginal US?!
Re: B12?
Jun 27, 2009
thanks guys.
im still on the b12 and iron pills and will be getting the levels retested in a few months. i will also be getting my thyroid retested but i dont know how much of an indepth test that will be.

im going to book for an internal exam next week as im still having the period problems.
Audrey its interesting that you mention the pancreas, as my pancriatic function was a little low on my last blood test, but this was when i was in hopsital with appendicitis so it may have something to do with that.
The only other abnormal result ive had is antibodies in the gut but i hsave to wait to see the gastro doctor about this as the doctor didnt know if it meant anything.

so my plan of action at the moment is to get the internal exam to rule out anything there... if they dont find anything im guessing it has to be hormones casuing my period problems so ill push to get them tested even tho my doc is adament they will be normal becasue im on the pill.

i will see what my b12 and feretin levels are and discuss the folate level although im sure shell say its fine as it must be within range.

i need to see the gastro doctor about the abormal blood result. at least when i was in hospital i had xrays and a ct scan and ive also had an ultrsound, so i know now that there is nothing physically wrong with my digestive system.

untill then its struggling through each day as it comes.

if i cant get any answers from this i really am out of suggestions as to whats caused me to be ill all these years and i may well have to give up on life
Re: B12?
Oct 1, 2009
Hi guys, me again!

time for an update as im still getting nowhere and am really sick of it now.

ok so my ferretin went from 67 last year to 20 this May. Doctor wasnt bothered as it was within the normal range. but i pursuaded her to prescribe me iron tablets which i took for a few months... and my latest test result (18th Sept) my ferretin had gone up to 37, still not great. as for the b12, it started off at 272, then 280 and has gone up to 301 (18th Sept) after a few months of b12 tablets . Someone mentioned earlier in the thread about my folate level... that was 6 in may and is now 4.3 ( range 2-20)

Ive also talked about the possiblity of thyroid problems with some of you. i dont know what my last test results were as i was just told they were normal, but i asked for a full thyroid panel at my last blood test, and all thats in the results is serum TSH which is 2.3 (range 0.10 - 5). So this is normal aswell.

I dont really know what to do now..
my b12 and ferretin levels still arnt at a high enough level for me to know if they are casuing my fatigue.
I dont know whats causing the levels to be low. The last time i went to the doc she said that everything was normal and asked me 'what else i thought it mite be'.. basically trying to convinve me theres nothing wrong.
Im still having period problems.. havnt been for an exam yet, but she doesnt seem very interested in investigating that.
Only benefit i got from the apendix removal is not having the odd day of diabling stomach pain that i used to get. but still get all the other digestive problems, fatigue, temperature sensitivity, vision disturbances etc. Ive been on anti depressents for several months now which help control my anxiety a bit, but im getting more and more depressed each month of not getting better.

HELP! what should i do now?
thanks guys x
Re: B12?
Apr 21, 2010
help wanted - why do you persist with a doctor who isn't interested or doesn't have the knowledge and has tunnel vision?? If i had stuck with my same old doctor i would never have gotten the help which i ended up getting, mind you it took 9 years. I regret wasting 9 years, but at the time i didn't have the help from people on healthboards and so simply kept taking my doctor's word for everything.

In the end i found a great doctor who discovered that i did have adrenal problems and did have a thyroid autoimmune disease. Absolutely all my range of symptoms stemmed from these issues eg: my tiredness, low/difficult to raise ferritin, hormone problems, menstrual problems, digestive problems, low vitamin D.

I would encourage you to keep searching for the right doctor for you. There are good doctors out there, i know they are far and few between, but they are out there. So take the knowledge you have gained and you will know when you have found the righ doctor. Good luck :)

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