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Re: B12?
Jun 27, 2009
thanks guys.
im still on the b12 and iron pills and will be getting the levels retested in a few months. i will also be getting my thyroid retested but i dont know how much of an indepth test that will be.

im going to book for an internal exam next week as im still having the period problems.
Audrey its interesting that you mention the pancreas, as my pancriatic function was a little low on my last blood test, but this was when i was in hopsital with appendicitis so it may have something to do with that.
The only other abnormal result ive had is antibodies in the gut but i hsave to wait to see the gastro doctor about this as the doctor didnt know if it meant anything.

so my plan of action at the moment is to get the internal exam to rule out anything there... if they dont find anything im guessing it has to be hormones casuing my period problems so ill push to get them tested even tho my doc is adament they will be normal becasue im on the pill.

i will see what my b12 and feretin levels are and discuss the folate level although im sure shell say its fine as it must be within range.

i need to see the gastro doctor about the abormal blood result. at least when i was in hospital i had xrays and a ct scan and ive also had an ultrsound, so i know now that there is nothing physically wrong with my digestive system.

untill then its struggling through each day as it comes.

if i cant get any answers from this i really am out of suggestions as to whats caused me to be ill all these years and i may well have to give up on life
Re: B12?
Oct 1, 2009
Hi guys, me again!

time for an update as im still getting nowhere and am really sick of it now.

ok so my ferretin went from 67 last year to 20 this May. Doctor wasnt bothered as it was within the normal range. but i pursuaded her to prescribe me iron tablets which i took for a few months... and my latest test result (18th Sept) my ferretin had gone up to 37, still not great. as for the b12, it started off at 272, then 280 and has gone up to 301 (18th Sept) after a few months of b12 tablets . Someone mentioned earlier in the thread about my folate level... that was 6 in may and is now 4.3 ( range 2-20)

Ive also talked about the possiblity of thyroid problems with some of you. i dont know what my last test results were as i was just told they were normal, but i asked for a full thyroid panel at my last blood test, and all thats in the results is serum TSH which is 2.3 (range 0.10 - 5). So this is normal aswell.

I dont really know what to do now..
my b12 and ferretin levels still arnt at a high enough level for me to know if they are casuing my fatigue.
I dont know whats causing the levels to be low. The last time i went to the doc she said that everything was normal and asked me 'what else i thought it mite be'.. basically trying to convinve me theres nothing wrong.
Im still having period problems.. havnt been for an exam yet, but she doesnt seem very interested in investigating that.
Only benefit i got from the apendix removal is not having the odd day of diabling stomach pain that i used to get. but still get all the other digestive problems, fatigue, temperature sensitivity, vision disturbances etc. Ive been on anti depressents for several months now which help control my anxiety a bit, but im getting more and more depressed each month of not getting better.

HELP! what should i do now?
thanks guys x

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