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[QUOTE=heather82;3922789]Is not treating anemia/low ferritin dangerous? Will prolonged and untreated anemia cause any damage to the body that cannot be reversed?
[B]There are risks associated with long term anemia.[/B]

Is there any chance that anemia/low ferritin will resolve itself without treatment?
[B]Yes, it can depending on the reason why. It is common for women to be anemic around the time of their period, and if they are taking in enough iron and absorbing well with no other problems, then many can resolve on their own, but it can be a monthly occurrence. Iron supplementation may curb this too. [/B]

I found out I was borderline anemic/iron deficient almost two years ago after complaining I still felt unwell weeks after a bad chest infection. The reason I am asking these questions is because my doctor told me that it is not necessary to treat borderline anemia, and that a low ferritin cannot cause any symptoms on its own and does not require treatment.
[B]Many doctors do subscribe to this philosophy. Do research this. I have been told this too and they look at me like I am:dizzy:. I can only go by my own experience really. I know that when I hit 50'ish ferritin things really got better for me, and this is what they say at least 50 to be healthy. I still wonder myself at times if there are any true symptoms of a low ferritin because my son has a 50 ferritin and my husband has a 20 ferritin and neither ever get symptoms, so, it really makes me wonder too. Although your right we here say there are definite symptoms associated with a low ferritin. It's hard to say what is low iron and what are low ferritin symptoms. So, personally for me I look at it both ways and have to wonder myself sometimes:dizzy:? I could go on forever on this subject it is quite controversial among doctors. I still believe that there are for me as an individual. As for not treating a low ferritin, that's CRAZY! The end stage of the ferritin store, (which is iron in containment in bone marrow and organs) is ANEMIA and who wants that if they can help it.

After reading all the posts on this forum, I was wondering why my doctors thinking seems to be so far off from everyone elses! Almost two years later I still feel terrible - migraines, dizziness, hot flashes, cold hands and feet, exhaustion, shakiness, etc. My doctor seems to think my symptoms are due to anxiety and depression.
[B]It may be anxiety and depression or not. I was tested for these through my Neurologist after being told mine was from depression and that I needed a Hysterectomy by my Hematologsit. I knew better, follow your intuition and be tested for it, if in doubt. Be sure to have your thyroid checked out, if you haven't already. And...your ferritin too is very important. Many of your symptoms are cross over symptoms, that may be do to either or both conditions. You can always raise your levels and see what symptoms you are left with and them you will know what you are dealing with. Take care.[/B]


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