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I recently got the results back from a CBC I had done in January. My red blood count was .2 higher than normal and my hematocrit was .7 higher than normal.

My doctor wants to send me in for more blood tests and I'm having them done this afternoon. When I picked up the order for more bloodwork yesterday I asked him what he was looking for in the new bloodwork and he said he wanted to rule out the possibility that I could be anemic.

From everything I've been reading online, you get anemia when your red blood count is too low, not when it is too high. Is it even possible to have anemia with a high red blood count?

I'd hate to have to go in to have blood drawn if the doctor ordered the wrong tests.
A CBC would tell whether you are anemic or not. Your hemoglobin is checked on a CBC and a low hemoglobin is what determines whether you are anemic. What was your hemoglobin (Hgb.) on your CBC?
My hemaglobin was normal from what I was told.

I did call the doctors office again and the doctor said he is not looking for anemia. I guess the receptionist I talked to yesterday misstated. He's actually looking for polyecthemia.
Let us know what you find out.
Do you have symptoms?
Not that I'm aware of. I had a headache the other day, but it may or may not be related.
Many times labs can be slightly over or under and it usually resolves on it's own. My doc loves to put a line through all of these without checking them out, which makes me crazzzzzzy:dizzy:. Sounds like you have a good doctor. There is a current poster on the Blood disorders boards with this DX, if you want to check it out. Best wishes and keep us posted. It's always good to double check these things.
I also have high RBC (out of range) while I'm anemia (heamoglobin 7.8). They said I have iron deficiency anemia. My iron at the moment is running a bit down but my heamoglobin still in the normal level.
Did you find out. Anything new ? I read your post and thought it sounded similar. My doctor has said I have low iron and low b12 but I have high red blood cells and why'd blood cells
Could it be that he said you have a high MCV? The MCV is the size of your red blood cells, and it can indicate a B12 deficiency, or B12 anemia.
He said that my red blood cells and hemoglobin and white blood cells are elevated and
I had a red blood cell mass test to confirm he also said that I have low b12 and low iron. He said that it's possible I have Polycythemia Vera but he's not sure with iron also I have low testesterone and have pellets isterted to raise my testosterone level. He said that could be causing problems to. I have catscan planned for stomach and pelvis and wants me to talk to Gastro guy as well and phelobotomey stop tAking iron and b12 which my sleep apenea doctor wanted me to take when she discovered low iron and low b12 on lark when my sleep test studies were normal

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