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Hi. I'm needing to find some good info on severe anemia treatments.

My info: 34 years old female. Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia.
Had gastric bypass surgery in 2004, so I don't absorb pills.
Have a bleeding ulcer so I can't take iron pills.
Required two blood transfusions - last one in October. Blood was 7.2.
Take B12 shots twice a week.

My current H is 10.0, which is low but not dangerously low.

After I spent 3 days in the hospital in October, I was to begin iron IV's. It was the only way to keep my anemia under control. But we ended up moving 2.5 hours away and I had to find all new doctors.

I'm now in a small town and don't have access to all the great healthcare and hospitals I had in Dallas.

I saw a new PCP last week (small town doc). He did some blood work (the H 10.0) and told me to "take iron pills."

Now, I've told him three different times now:
1. Gastric bypass surgery - don't absorb pills
2. Bleeding ulcer - iron makes the ulcer bleed more!
and 3. Without some kind of plan in place, I WILL need another blood tranfusions, which I'd like to avoid.

His response: Well, take the iron pills with food.

OMG - I take sucrafate and nexium and still drink malox by the bottle because of this ulcer. Simply taking the iron with food will not fix the problem. Let's assume for a moment that we could somehow get iron that wouldn't irritate the ulcer, I still won't absorb it! I don't absorb!

So, I'm kind of on my own here. I need to really advocate for my health.

Before I moved, the PCP and the gastro-enterologist both told me iron IV's would be necessary. The oncologist they brought in to consult agreed that they were necessary. While I'd rather avoid the high risk of iron IV's, I would like to avoid another blood transfusion more!

Any suggestions or advice? I'd sure love to have it.

Oh, and I guess it goes without saying that my hair is falling out. My fingernails are flimsy, peeling and won't grow. My fatigue level is unbearable. I have severe tachicardya secondary to anemia. I have passing out spells from the racing heart/dizzy spells.

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