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If you eat a healthy diet and also eat red meat a few times per week and you are a healthy person with no health issues then you oughtn't have anemia or very low ferritin levels.

If you are eating well and you are still anemic/very low iron and in particular if it's difficult to raise, then that would indicate that something is definitely wrong and you would need help from iron supplements and no actually food is going to get you where you ought to be.

I ate so healthy and loved red meat and i was the last person anybody would think would become anemic. I also had very low Vit D, low iodine, thyroid problem, digetive problem which accompanied malabsorption. I don't know how all this happened, but prior to finding all of this out, i used to try and raise my ferritin via foods high in iron. In the end, even with iron supplements and even iron injections over a 5 week period, it took me over 3 years to get it over 70.

So i guess what i'm saying is that i highly doubt you can do it via food alone. I don't know of a single person on here who has managed to do that. I even juiced raw beetroot along with other fruits/vegetables and drank that daily. If raw beetroot and red meat wasn't going to get me there then i doubt much else was.

You need to be dedicated and not expect results in a few weeks or months if there are underlining problems. You need to find out why you are anemic and fix that problem.

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