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[QUOTE=abbeyg;3938848]I have test results!!

Not sure what to think, are my levels really good?? suboptimal?? borderline??

B12 409 (211-911)
Ferritin 38 (10-291)

Thanks for your input.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Hello Abbeyg! :wave:

First congratulations on getting your test results, that's not always easy is it? You want your B-12 to be at the top of the range as a goal. I run there naturally for something to compare results to. 400-550 are the levels that one can present symptoms. Doctor's say that 200 is normal. The form of sublingual B-12 that I take is the one that has B-12 in an active form and doesn't need to be converted to be used by the body. It is [B]Methyl[/B]--cobalamin. There is also a book out, "Could It Be B-12" which explains a lot about B-12 deficiency. There is also info on it somewhere:confused:. So, you have B-12 results and you cannot get too much B-12 so it is safe.

As for the ferritin it shows that you are in the beginning stages of a lowered ferritin, although, I am sure this has been going on for a long time based on your numbers. However; with that said, I would NOT supplement for the ferritin until you have a CBC and iron panel completed that will give you results to go by. You can have different types of anemia that will show up on the CBC and you will skew these result by supplementing and you may cause yourself a bigger problem in the future. Just get the CBC, it is standard and should be an annual visit. There are three stages in the ferritin stores and it appears that you are in the first stage which is indicated when the iron stores are reduced, but not yet exhausted with no clinical effects detected. Next, is Iron depletion, when it shows on lab tests Hgb may be reduced below range. The third, and final stage is IDA iron deficiency anemia. No iron remaining in the bone marrow. Hgb production falls well below normal range. It is also equally important to point out that therefore iron deficiency (low iron stores) i.e., low ferritin can occur even though the patient is not clinically anemic and has a normal hgb level.

Now back to the thyroid that I think two others have pointed out. This can be the culprit for the low ferritin too. It is a common thing to have both and you can read further on the Thyroid board about this. I think that you may want to ask for the Antibodies test for Hashi's because you have so many symptoms that can be cross over symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. It can go undetected without this test. It is worth the investigation. Take care and keep us posted. [/COLOR]

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