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Can you tell me which direction to go? I have six daughters - the first four have had low ferritin, the first starting 8 years ago. I have always been suspicion of malabsorpion, always looking for answers. One daughter was as low as 16 ferritin. They also have low Vit. D (20, 21, 23). Finally I had my ferritin tested, and it was 6. I developed terrible symptoms - fog, lack of concentration, memory problems, spinning room, my brain felt like it was starving - and the others such as incredible fatigue, always cold, peeling fingernails, lack of energy to do anything but the absolutely necessary.

After paying a fortune for an MRI, I found information on the web about B-12 and Pernicious Anemia. My B-12 was in the 300's. I asked the dr. for B-12 shots. I was skeptical that I would feel a difference very soon. I noticed small improvements in the first couple of days. After two months on the shots, I can function again and even smile. I don't feel perfect, but I'm much better. I have also been taking iron - 65mg two or three times a day.

I finally got an appt. with a hematologist. I was so disappointed. She treated me like I was stupid. She said my blood cells were shaped correctly, so I couldn't have PA. She said low ferritin does not have symptoms, and that my B-12 wasn't low enough to cause me any troubles. I am so frustrated!! I have watched my girls for years suffer from symptoms with their low ferritin. The symptoms improve when the ferritin goes up. And, I KNOW I did not make up the symptoms I was having. I could hardly function. With the B-12 shots and iron supplements, my symptoms have gradually lessened over the past two months.

The doctors have told me I needed anxiety medication, or that it's my hormones. This is crazy! My big concern is to prevent my daughters from getting so terribly ill as I have been. I was hoping someone would help me connect my condition with my girls'. The adult doctors will not give advice on children, and the pediatrician is out of ideas. I have spent so much money on dr. visits and tests.

Can you give me any help?

Michelle Tew

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