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I have the same issues as you and your girls--with lower levels of ferritin. I am also not tolerant of oral iron. I need to go in to have iron via iv, but they only can do it weekdays-and my employer is tired of my chronic health problems. So, this is becoming an issue. I am amazed I can get out of bed at all. I also have fibromyalgia, and several other problems. I am very close to having to quit working as I have no help where I live and am raising a child alone.

As far as your hemo dr., it is my belief that since they spend most of their days dealing with cancer patients, you and I seem low on the radar and are both trivial--and not their cash cow patients-either. Sorry to sound like a jerk, but this is something I decided yrs ago when I could no longer see my gyno. I only got to see the assistant, as surgeries are all she does now and regular visits (even not so regular ones) go to everyone else, as the cash cows for them are surgeries.

Makes sense--no?

If you dislike the answer from this hemo--which I do--ask for a second opinion.

I think as a mom myself, you know yourself, your kids and what is best--don't let someone who is too busy to care take that away. Low ferritin is as bad as missing other blood "ingredients" and you better believe without them all--that cake won't rise!
Best of luck.
For the B12 issue, would sublingual B12 supplements be easier and a cheaper alternative to getting B12 shots?

I'm not sure at what age vitamins in general can be used on young children, but if certain vitamins are low it can lead to malabsorption of nutrients. Also if the pancrease isn't producing sufficient enzymes, digestion of fats/carbs/proteins can be an issue, also leading to malabsorption. I have a problem digesting proteins and digestive enzymes have helped me greatly.

I believe healthfood stores and chemists sell a type of protein/vitamin powder which can be mixed with milk/water to assist in giving extra beneficial vitamins and minerals to children. These are safe to take for younger children, but you may wish to speak to a chemist and get their assistance. Actually often chemists can be more helpful than a GP so it might be beneficial to talk to one anyway and get some advice regarding your girls.

It's difficult when it concerns a child as you don't want to go self-dosing, especially if a doctor goes to do testing later and the tests wont be true due to vitamin supplements the child may have been on.

I know for a fact there are definite low iron/anemia symptoms, otherwise why would people feel so much better once their ferritin rises?

My dad's Vit D and B12 were very low. His doctor dismissed all this and i put him on supplements. After being on the sublingual B12 and the Vit D he was a changed man, so much happier, no more bad mood swings, could sleep all night, woke up feeling more refreshed and had so much more energy.

It's very upsetting when doctors take on the dismissive attitude. It's a shame we live in some of the worlds richest countries, yet our health system is so second rate. A lot of doctors out there trivialise our situations and try to steer us in the anxiety/depression direction and merely want to give us medication for that and not what is truly affecting us. Yet when we do find that one true doctor, who wants to help and has the knowledge and looks outside the square, we make a big recovery and our health improves.

Someone mentioned fibromyalgia? I've often read of people who upped their Vit D levels and their aches and pains went away. I've also read of this condition being linked to raised estrogen levels.
OOOPS! I forgot to mention that I cannot tolerate iron supplements. I am so constipated that no laxative/stool softener, etc. works. (I have tried everything there is) I have IBS so that is why I am being allowed to do iron via IV for ferritin issues. Also, since my levels were so low that I was given a hysterectomy, I think that my hemo realizes that I was very sick for very long.

One thing also to consider is that having anemia long term can create heart problems. (I went undiagnosed for years.) So, I had a heart test (like a echocardiagram? the one where you have someone take a ultrasound of your heart) I was told all is well.

Best, Julie

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