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Hello everyone, and nice to see you FlFlowergirl.

I posted on this board several times last summer about anemia plus heavy daily periods. I had been bleeding daily for 11 months.

My primary care physician (PCP) kept saying nothing could be done about the bleeding, I would just have to "ride it out," but that more exercise might help reduce the bleeding. I was age 45.

Thank goodness someone here advised me to get to a gynecologist immediately. Thank you, whoever that was.

I demanded a referral to a gynecologist the next day. I was seen by my clinic's gynecologist two months later. When I told her I'd been bleeding heavily, daily, for 13 months, the gyn's face lost all of it's color. She said I needed to be biopsied immediately.

The biopsy result came back "complex endometrial hyperplasia with atypia."

That is the third stage in a progression of overgrowth of the endometrial lining in the uterus. It is also considered pre-cancer.

I was put on progesterone (Megace) pills to counterbalance the excess estrogen in my system causing the overgrowth of the endometrium. In up to 87 -90% (?) of cases, Megace can prevent progression to cancer.

Unfortunately, in my case, it did not. I was supposed to be biopsied every two months, to monitor the endometrium for cancer, but again, the new gynecologists did not keep to that schedule, waiting endlessly until I could get a D&C, which they said would allow them to look at all of the endometrial cells scraped from my uterus, rather than just a few cells from a biopsy.

Well, after 4 months, I again demanded a second biopsy. The results came back cancer.

Now I am looking for alternatives to hysterectomy, if they even exist. I may likely require a hysterectomy.

There is one new genetic drug that has shown sucess in lab trials in fighting endometrial cancer, by a company called TGEN. I am writing to them for a second time, to see if I can get into their clinical trial of this drug, to try to avoid hysterectomy.

Plus-sized women (which I am) are at a much higher risk for endometrial cancer.

If you have extra heavy periods, or any bleeding between periods, or after you have reached menopause, or if you have polycystic ovary symptoms, PLEASE INSIST YOUR DOCTOR GIVE YOU AN ENDOMETRIAL BIOPSY IMMEDIATELY, OR REFER YOU TO A GYNECOLOGIST WHO WILL.

Even if you do not show cancer on biopsy, it is possible to take progesterone every few months, to prevent out-of-balance levels of estrogen that can lead to cancer. Dr. O'Hanlan describes this.


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