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Aside from all the low iron/anemia related issues FLFLOWERGIRL mentioned, my doctor's concern about me being low in iron over a long period of time was that it can affect the thryoid function. I had 5 iron injections and one of the nurses asked me whether i had a thyroid condition due to my eyes being 'puffy'. About 6 months later i found out i had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

I don't think that my low iron levels caused my thyroid condition, but i guess what my doctor was saying is that it does predispose a person to this type of condition more easily than if your iron had been at a healthy level.

So many of our organs depend on a good blood supply and this blood transports oxygen throughout our system too, as well as carrying nutrients to various parts of our body where they are needed and the blood stream is just one method of dispatching wastes being detoxed from our liver.

One of my relatives had part of his intestine removed some years ago. He was getting iron injections, but is now more stable and takes Ferro-Grad C, one a day. This is a slow release iron supplement. I take this one too. It can be taken with food as well and doesn't cause irritable bowel or constipation.

We're all individuals and are affected differently by low iron and by the supplements we take. What affects one person wont necessarily affect another. Sometimes you have to try a variety of supplements to find the one which best fits you.

Are you aware that certain supplements and foods shouldn't be taken along with your iron supplement or with iron rich foods? Eg: don't take zinc or calcium with your iron supplement and don't eat/drink excessive calcium foods with your supplement or when eating meat. Caffein 2 hours before and after your supplement or iron rich foods is a no no too.

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