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Bear Woman-- Welcome to the boards!:wave:

The most common cause for a low ferritin is from blood loss due to menstrual cycle (which you do not have) or GI tract. So your doc is trying to R/O any reason for blood loss. Sometimes there is no cause to be found either. It's good to know that there are not things going undetected inside so these tests are priority in diagnosis before beginning iron supplements.

Hypo-T is also a common culprit for a low ferritin. You are also mildly anemic if it is your Hgb that is 11.5. I am not familiar with this low iron level range??? This has probably been going on a while. Anything under range for ferritin means you have depleted your stores. This is what keeps you from becoming anemic.

It's good that your B Vitamins are high, that's a plus because there is another type of anemia that typically has a B deficiency. When you are Hypo T you have a lower hydrochloric acid in the stomach and this inhibits iron absorption to a degree. Also, if you are taking any PPI's like Nexium, this too can cause malabsorption of iron these things ~usually do not~ cause a problem for B-12, but sometimes can. Glad you are getting scoped, many of us here have done this as well. Keep us posted.:);):)

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