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Hello herekittykitty -You have to look at the elemental iron on each bottle and compare that. Double check that your mgs are correct for your FS too. What is your Hgb level? You won't store iron until your Hgb is raised to normal levels. So you need a high dose iron to do this. It should only take a couple months. It will take up to a year to fill the ferritin and you can't do this (very well) on 36mgs of iron. At least I don't ~think~ so even if it is a highly absorbed iron, I think that you ~may~ need more because of the point that you are at. If you are going to try it then I would suggest a 1 month blood draw for this. That is what I had to do when I was unable to take the proper dosage of iron. Along with periods my blood dropped 2 points, from 12 to 10 for the second time. So your right, the amount of iron is important. I can't take F/S either. Ferris Sulfate is typically 65mgs of elemental iron in each dose. I know they make many different doses though, so I am asking. You would think that anemia is hard enough but to try to find an iron can be equally as difficult too.:wave:

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