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[QUOTE=ajpa;4690866]I have had good luck with Easy Iron. Several health stores rebrand it but the label will say it is from Albion Labs and the active ingredient is ferrous bisglyicinate.
Before I found that I also had terrible stomach aches and constipation with iron pills.
Btw, try generic colace (softener) instead of miralax; a softener is better as it is non-habit forming unlike a laxative.[/QUOTE]

Miralax isn't technically a laxative in that it's 100% polyethelyne glycol and it brings water to the bowel. It doesn't cause cramping or gas or anything like that. My gastroenterologist recommended it highly for me because it's so gentle and it takes 2 or 3 days to really work so you don't have a situation where you're running to the bathroom the next morning. I think it's more like Colace than a traditional laxative. It comes in a powder and you mix it into a drink.

This is what the website says it is:

[I]Osmotic laxatives draw water back to the digestive tract, replacing lost water, enabling a normal, complete bowel movement. Through this process, MiraLAX®, an osmotic laxative, relieves constipation without harsh side effects.[/I]

I have found it to be really gentle. One day I was really constipated and after 2 or 3 doses of this stuff, I just went normally. I usually stay away from laxatives of any kind and just eat prunes and lots of Kellogs Mini Wheats, but when you really need help, this stuff works.

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