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in 2007 I was found to be anemic. Hgb was 10, ferritin 3 and iron/tibc was 4.9. No real reason found for this. I have GI issues, so I imagine it is some kind of malabsorption issue. I took PO iron for many months and it was considered resolved.

At my annual physical this year, I asked for my Hgb to be checked again. It was 12.3 so that was pretty good. But my ferritin was 3! I asked the nurse when she called why this might be. She said, "yeah, that is weird isn't it!" They told me to take 325mg of iron once a day and recheck in 6 weeks.

It has been about 8 weeks and I got rechecked today. My hgb was 13.6 so again, fine. My ferritin was 12, so I was pleased to see some improvement. I asked for an anemia panel again and my iron was 38 (35-150), TIBC was 430 (250-450) and my Iron/TIBC sat was 8.8 (20-50). Oh, my RDW were high too.

so the biggest things that are still off are my ferritin and my Iron/TIBC sat. Can anyone give me some insight on the Iron/TIBC sat and why that might be low? Do I just continue taking PO iron when my Hbg is normal?? Is there a risk that my Hbg will get too high?

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