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Are you constantly on iron supplements while your iron levels are going up and down?

I'm not sure on the answer to your question, but i was constantly on iron supplements, no changes in my diet or lifestyle etc and i was going up and down over 6 weekly periods. At one blood test i was 69, then down to 53 after 6 weeks, then back up to 72 after 6 weeks. This pattern went on for a little while and now i'm back up at 82, but my next blood test is next week and i'm worried i'll be back down to 50 again.

Not sure if this is what you meant with your question, but in my case i don't know the answer either. My doctor didn't know either but said for some reason this occurs.
Hi peace4health :) I meant my ferritin rose high, then dropped in a 6 week period, then rose up high again in the next 6 weeks, then dropped again in the next 6 weeks. The last rise was up to 82 and i got my results on friday and it had fallen down to 74. At least this time it was just a smallish drop compared to the other times. I'd not done anything different and had continously taken my supplements.

My doctor has now put me on betaine hydrochloride to create a more acid environment in my stomach when i eat. He believes that is where my malabsorption is occuring. Even my Vitamin D moves slowly. I take 5000IU of Vit D per day. If i take 1000IU or only take the 5000IU 3 times per week my levels begin dropping. I also have to take pure iodine daily.

So now i've more or less reached the conclusion that when my iron drops so quick in a short space of time, maybe the environment during digestion and in my stomach was not optimal for proper absorption. Other times when my iron has risen quickly, maybe the environment was sufficient for correct digestion etc. I believe this as my ferritin only began rising much faster once i began taking the digestive enzymes. So now i'm on the digestive enzymes as well as the hydrochloride. The worst part is that now i've been told to take the enzymes one hour before my meals and the hydrochloride 20 minutes before my meals. The problem is, sometimes i'm not sure when i'll be having lunch or dinner so getting these supplements to coincide with my meal times is going to be a bit of a problem at times.

Aside from juggling all the medication and supplements i'm feeling so much better and my thyroid appears to be under control but my doctor is still working on it.

How have you been and how is your ferritin now?
It must make it hard when you have to get your iron supplements via another country. Imagine not having the internet!! At least you can do your research online and you then know which type of iron to get.

Good luck with your levels :)

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