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A word to punks401 - Just thought to say that I've never experienced dry hands or 'sandy' eyes with low iron.

To Audrey - I wonder how it feels to have Ferritin at 74:) Mine has dropped to 5,6. I've had the test done just 3 days ago, but I'm not sure if I can trust that lab's result. So I did another test in another lab yesterday, I'll have the result by Wednesday. Last time it was 31,2 (according to the lab I went to yesterday). I just can't believe it went so low again, that's why I doubted the 1st lab. But it seems that's not a rare occurence.

Interestingly, I don't feel so week as I used to with 9. I guess that's because my hemoglobin is within the range now.

As to hydrochloric acid issue, I read just a few days ago that iron is not absorbed well in low acidic stomachs. So it can well be that my Ferritin went quite high once (87), because at that time I was using at least 2 glasses of vinegar+water daily, usually at breakfast & lunch time (1 table spoon apple cider vinegar to 1 glass of water; a teaspoon of honey can be added). Since some time I've stopped drinking it regularly, and now I wonder if that's the reason my Ferritin went low again. Though I've also had a break in taking my iron supplement for a couple of months.

What a tiring issue... ;) I hope we'll all feel 'normal' soon.
peace4health - funnily enough, someone at my work today was asking whether i had tried using apple cider vinegar with some water first thing in the morning as it supposedly speeds up the metabolism and aids digestion. As i've bought 2 containers of the hydrochloride i'll have to use it up.

For me, having a higher ferritin, didn't change anything too much as i have my thyroid issues to deal with. Low ferritin symptoms and thyroid symptoms are quite similar. I am a lot better though, but do feel i can get even better.

In your case, unless you find out what precisely is causing your drop in ferritin, i'd be staying on the iron supplements. About a year ago, when my ferritin got to 60, i started taking my iron only about 3 times per week and it started dropping right away. It's too much work rebuilding it so i never miss my daily dose.

There seem to be so many people with malabsorption issues and i'm starting to think so much of it has to do with enzymes and/or lack of stomach acids.

So many of us have been at this for years now and i agree, it does get tiring :yawn:
Thank you, Audrey. It's hard, indeed. I'm still going around without vitamin C, which is so needed now; but Floradix has some C in it.

My Ferritin is 11 according to one lab (got the result on Thursday), and 5,6 according to another. I'd prefer to believe it's 11:) though I know that 11 is also way too low.

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