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Sorry to hear your surgery was put off, but on the other hand it is good that they found the fibroid when they did. Didn't the fibroid show up on an ultrasound?

I have a fibroid and my periods were all over the place and getting heavier and heavier. I never knew the connection between fibroids, periods and hormone imbalance, but with the help of my thyroid doctor i've learnt a lot.

I know it is extremely uncomfortable having heavy periods and having it affect your iron levels too. Prior to finding out about my fibroid, i had spent a year and a bit visiting a naturopath. I have been taking a herbal formula she makes up for me to make me periods become regular and to stop the heavy bleeding. The herbs have been working quite good, but did take a few months to see actual results, but well worth it.

Later on i found out i had a thyroid problem and my thyroid doctor has also been keeping tabs on ALL my hormones, not just my thyroid hormones. I have excess estrogen and testosterone and my progesterone is low. When you have excess estrogen due to a hormone imbalance, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS can often be found. Fibroids love a high estrogen environment. This is why girls prior to puberty and women who have gone through menopause don't have fibroids. They will shrink naturally when estrogen is balanced with progesterone.

I never realised that fibroids could cause so many symptoms. It also depends on your fibroids location. I got the ultrasound report and did some research of my own, finding out what all the big words meant. It was only after i did this that i realised my period issues could be connected to my fibroid and the fibroid was there as a result of my excess estrogen. My doctor was worried about breast cancer due to estrogen excess too and that is why he's really wanting to lower it but not with birth control pills, as they contain estrogen (and some are estrogen only), which is dangerous if you already have high estrogen.

The point i'm getting to is don't rush into a hysterectomy. Look at all of your options first. I know you would ideally love everything to be fixed the sooner the better, but you need to way up your options and find out how certain decisions will affect you later on. eg: hysterectomy will lead to hormone replacement therapy and this can be tricky in itself. I've read of dangers of osteoperosis too.

If your doctor has not checked all your hormones and seen that they are balanced, i'd be getting that done. Often when hormones are address, your gyno issues will sort theselves out. It's just that the environment you have now caters for all these things to happen and grow.

My advice would be getting and ultrasound, hormone check and perhaps speak to a naturopath or a homeopath. Have you also had regular papsmears to doublecheck that nothing else is possibly wrong, just to cover all bases. If you have a blood test to check your hormones, it needs to be done in the morning, not lunch time or afternoon. The trick is having a good doctor who is willing to work on things with you, explain things, not just want to do surgery at the drop of a hat and start ripping things out. You need to know where you stand, what your options are eg: no point removing fibroids if your estrogen is high and they'll grow back.

I never used to give my hormones a thought. I used to blame everything else. Doctors never cared, just kept telling me to go on birth control. I feel fortunate to have found the doctor i've got now (only took 9 years). I feel with other doctors i was simply destined for the "too hard basket". I think going to a naturopath has bought me time as a gyno would have likely said birth control or hysterectomy.

I hope it all works out for you, whichever desicion you make and i'm sure other posters will post their personal experiences and knowledge too which will help you a lot. You take care :)

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