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Mac2--Not Tibby2 here but would like to say hello. :wave:

When you see your GP you should also ask about Vertigo, it kind of sounds like you may be experiencing this. If so, there are meds that you can take to stop it and there are even PT exerices that you can also do. If you do a search you can read about it.

I think that the ferritin symptoms are mostly fatigue, but again, this is different for everyone. Although many doctors think that there are no symptoms with a low ferritin. I wonder if any of them have ever had no/low ferritin. Perhaps it is the low iron for you that is giving so many symptoms. I know I had many of your same symptoms, and I too would have good days and bad days. The worst were the days with excess iron loss due to heavy periods. Even my leg muscles would get weak. Feel better and keep us posted. FLFG

FlFlowergirl - I've had the dizziness and yes I do suffer from vertigo too, for 4 years now and have been to the ENT many times and been given all the exercises to do and all to no avail. I also have medication for the vertigo and balance problems I have but they have serious side effects if taken for too long, so I try not to take them as all they really do is mask the problem as they dull the brain. There's really not much I don't know about all this stuff when related to the inner ear!

Audrey - I do suffer allergies but not seasonal - mine are all year round. My nasal passages are seriously swollen and as we know the ear nose and throat are all connected so this could be the reason my dizziness etc gets worse - because of what is going on in my head. I am using a nasal spray at the moment then will probabaly move to steroids once seen (again) by the ENT.

My ferritin was tested only 6 weeks ago and was at 22. I will be seeing my doctor next week and see what she says. She was loth to give me any more iron pills at my last appointment so maybe she will put me in for another test. In my practice, the doctors do not seem to think that having low ferritin is a bad thing.

My thinking is that once I get my nose sorted out and get my ferritin up then my ears may have a chance of recovering! Maybe I have just not been able to recover fully from the first attack of Labyrinthitis (inner ear virus), because my body has been so run down.

Thanks ladies:)

Hi Mac2, :wave:
This is still new to me, but I didn't have dizziness and my iron was 1 and Hgb was 6.5.
Everyone is different.

I also have low thryoid.

So far that is all that I have, except for acid reflux. Which I didn't know I had.Knew I had indigestion, but didn't know it was that.

Keep us posted, would like to know out come.

Be praying for you.
Hugs, DianaRo4 ;)
Re: Dizziness worse
Apr 10, 2009
Hi Diana

Thanks for your reply.

I know that mostly the symptoms of low iron are fatigue and hair loss which I do have. But, I know personally a lady who had the exact same symptoms as me and found out she had low ferritin. She then took a course of iron pills and her dizziness went away. Also, if you type 'low ferritin and dizziness' into one of the search engines, loads of stuff comes up saying that dizziness is a symptom and lots of people post on different messageboards with similar symptoms as me.

I am just keeping my fingers and everything else crossed that this is what is wrong with me because I am so sick of being dizzy and off balance. My quality of life is severely affected by all this. My sister has been visiting with the kids over easter and I haven't been able to do anything with her. It rules my life.

One thing I am noticing while taking the iron is that my nails are now not as hard as they used to be - they seem softer.

I am also hoping that if this dizziness is not a symptom of low ferritin, then as my levels get higher it might just cure whatever it is that is causing it!!! Oh, that would be so nice - a life :)

Take care everyone.

Re: Dizziness worse
Apr 13, 2009
Mac2 - re your all year round allergies......... my mother had that for a few years, she did all manner of testing for allergies and the only thing they could come up with was 'mould'. Now my mum is extremely house proud and her home is spotless, she keeps it clean, airs it out etc etc, but she had this weird allergy. I got her to wash her nasal passages out each morning with salt and water. This was something i learnt in a yoga class. This helped her a lot.

I then told her to go back to basics and only eat what she cooked herself, which she does anyway, but this time i got her to cut out all gluten products for a month or so, then introduce gluten, but cut out all dairy, then reintroduce that and cut out all caffeine etc etc etc.

In the end she found out that a natural form of coffee she was drinking, made from barley, rye, chicory, malt and figs, was a BIG culprit. She was drinking this coffee as she felt it was better than caffeine type coffee. Well her runny, blocked nose and sneezing stopped. She went back to this coffee and it came back.

She has also noticed that when she drinks even a little of commercially made wines that the nose issue comes back a bit.

She has found out the long and hard way that she is most likely allergic to rye. She is possibly allergic to the preservative they put in commercially made wines too.

So by doing food 'elimination' bit by bit to work out what she's eating on a daily basis is causing her problems she has worked it out for herself. Fancy that, after spending oodles of $$$'s on doctors and specialists she has cured herself!!!! The salt water nasal wash in the mornings was a big help too.

At the time they diagnosed her with 'mould' issues, i took a look at the allergy section of the boards and there was some pretty good information over there. Some of those poor people were going through some awful times with their allergies and i did find out some interesting information on mould and it can be a tricky customer. Your house can seem clear of mould, but just one little constantly damp area, which you don't necessaryily even notice, can be causing all the problems.

Regarding your iron, if your doctor wont give you anymore pills, can you buy some iron supplements yourself and go it alone without her say so??? ferritin of 22 is still low. May be not anemic, but at the very bottom of the range. You do need to be up higher.

Hang in there, these things take time and i know how wearing it can get. I wanted to give up so many times and simply just give in, but seeing how much hair i was shedding forced me to not quit just as much as the great help and support i got from posters on here. You will get there, we'll make sure of it :)

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