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FlFlowergirl - I've had the dizziness and yes I do suffer from vertigo too, for 4 years now and have been to the ENT many times and been given all the exercises to do and all to no avail. I also have medication for the vertigo and balance problems I have but they have serious side effects if taken for too long, so I try not to take them as all they really do is mask the problem as they dull the brain. There's really not much I don't know about all this stuff when related to the inner ear!

Audrey - I do suffer allergies but not seasonal - mine are all year round. My nasal passages are seriously swollen and as we know the ear nose and throat are all connected so this could be the reason my dizziness etc gets worse - because of what is going on in my head. I am using a nasal spray at the moment then will probabaly move to steroids once seen (again) by the ENT.

My ferritin was tested only 6 weeks ago and was at 22. I will be seeing my doctor next week and see what she says. She was loth to give me any more iron pills at my last appointment so maybe she will put me in for another test. In my practice, the doctors do not seem to think that having low ferritin is a bad thing.

My thinking is that once I get my nose sorted out and get my ferritin up then my ears may have a chance of recovering! Maybe I have just not been able to recover fully from the first attack of Labyrinthitis (inner ear virus), because my body has been so run down.

Thanks ladies:)


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