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I've been having hair loss and intestinal issues for years, along with a bunch of other symptoms. I'm always cold and always tired. I've had my thyroid tested by 3 or 4 different doctors in the past 4 years, and it always comes back fine. In the past few months I've also had some dizziness, more tiredness, memory problems, and difficulty concentrating. I went to my GP and these are the tests she ran:

Blood Cell Counts:
Hemoglobin: 14.3 (normal male14-18 / normal female 12-16)

Hematocrit: 40.6 (normal male 42-52 / normal female 37-47)
White Blood Count (for fighting infection): 6.7 (normal 4.0 - 10.0)
Platelet count: 270 (normal 150 - 450)

Nutrition Levels:
B12: 385 (normal 180 - 914)

Iron (serum) 110 (normal for men 50 - 160 / normal for women 40 - 160)
TRFN: 293 (normal men 178 - 312 / normal women 175 - 351)
TIBCC: 410 (normal men 244 - 424 / normal women 236 - 476)
% sat FE: 27 (normal 20 - 50)
Ferritin: 31.6 (normal 23-336)[/B]
Calcium: 9.6 (normal 8.7 - 10)
Protein: 7.2 (normal 6.2 - 8.6)

Sodium: 139 (normal 134 - 144)
Potassium: 4.2 (normal 3.5 - 5.0)
Chloride: 103 (normal 98 - 109)

Liver Function:
Bilirubin: 0.9 (normal 0.2 - 1.3)
SGPT: 17 (normal 10 - 60)
SGOT: 18 (normal 10 - 42)
Alkaline Phosphate: 45 (normal 38 - 126)

Kidney Function:
BUN: 5 (normal 6 - 20)

Creatinine: 0.92 (normal 0.50 - 1.40)

Diabetes Screen:
Blood Sugar (glucose): 89 (normal 70 - 110)

Thyroid Function:
TSH: 1.21 (normal 0.44 - 4.37)
Free T4 0.7 (normal 0.4 - 1.4)

She said all my labs were fine, but now I'm wondering about the low ferritin. My periods are extremely light nowadays, and I take a multivitamin with iron in it every day. On the day of the tests I was also taking an iron pill from the off days of my Loestrin 24.

Could the low ferritin have been causing the symptoms I've been experiencing even though it is within range? Should I see my GI doc about it or talk to my GP again?
I doubt it. All of your numbers seem to be really good. Even your ferritin is within "norms." I have a ferritin of 5 and am doing "ok", so I think it is probably something else. Have you had your hormones checked? I am sure there are others here who can give you better ideas, but I would also have my hormones checked if I were you. It may also be one of the "fatigue" disorders. Best, Julie
Hmm, from what I've been reading here, some people still have symptoms until their ferritin is higher?

A few things I forgot to mention:
- I'm 29 and female.
- Hair started thinning when I was 26 and has thinned significantly. It doesn't seem to be getting worse any more.
- I was a vegetarian for 8 years and was probably not getting the nutrition I needed. I started eating meat about 2.5 years ago, but I still don't eat red meat due to my intestinal problems.
- The test results are from a few weeks ago. I have no idea what my ferritin has been at before that.

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