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With waking up a lot, i know my sleep became worse and worse until i began meds for my thyroid. The other thing which i know caused waking in my dads case was being low in either B12 or Vitamin D. Once he boosted both of those nice and high his sleep issues totally disappeared. I know there must be lots of other issues which would contribute to not getting a good nights sleep also.

The multivitamin you are on would be helpful, but if you are very low in something then you would have to supplement that particular thing at a higher dosage. I was very low in Vit D, ferretin and iodine. No vitamin pill could give me the sufficient daily levels i needed to boost all of these things.

In your case, i can totally understand the tricky situation you are in regarding your thyroid and an Endo. It's hard as most doctors tend to look at only TSH or they look at 'ranges'. This is how so many people go undiagnosed for a long period of time. Even if it is a thyroid problem which you have, symptoms vary from person to person, even though there are some common symptoms most of us tend to share.

If you do have a thyroid problem, i do know that raising your ferritin and having decent levels of all other things is very important. Long term low iron levels can affect your thyroid, but this is reversable providing you lift your ferritin.

What testing have you had done to see exactly what is causing your IBS? I do know that back 10 years ago i had awful IBS. I couldn't eat a thing if i was away from home. My IBS at that point was due to a yeast overgrowth due to too many antibiotics due to tonsilitis. Once i went on a special diet to starve off the yeast and was also on a probiotic and vitamins it cleared up and never came back.

IBS can be due to many things. Now there is medication specifically targeting IBS symptoms, but all this does is cover the real problem, not cure it. IBS can also be linked as you mentioned to dairy. Have you tried using loctose free milk and yogurt etc for some weeks to see how you go? The IBS is usually your system fighting back against something it cant digest properly. Have you tried taking a form of digestive enzymes to see if that can help?

In my case i'd have bloating and felt incredibly sleepy after eating. This was a sign something with my digestion was not working. My doctor got me to do a special type of stool analysis test and it revealed i was digesting all foods ok, except not protein foods. If this is your case, this could be a reason for the IBS. The same issue wont affect all of us in the same way, but in individual ways. For me it was bloating and malabsorption of nutrients, for you it could be IBS.

YOu are doing the right thing by looking for answers. You need to have all your questions etc ready for when you see a doctor so you haven't wasted your time and money. Keep a list handy so that you can add to it each time you find out something new you would like to ask as it's hard remembering everything.

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