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[QUOTE=Missa21;3948558]Hey, I've posted a few times in the past. I just had my blood redrawn the other day and my Total iron was 33 (40-175). This is down from 36 in my last three blood draws. My doctor recommended seeing a hematologist and possible iron infusion. I'm wondering if anyone here has had the infusion/pro's and con's/what type people had. I should be hearing from my doctor soon and he is setting up my stuff with the hematologist. I'd appreciate anything!! Thanks![/QUOTE]

Hi, I have regular iron infusions usually 10 infusions spread out to Mon, Wed, Friday, 3 times a week for a month and then the hospital infusion clinic does a blood test to see what my iron level is, mine was 75 this time. The infusions aren't bad at all, the medicine I get is called venifer, I don't know the spelling but that is how the word sounds to me. The nurses hook up the intravenous apparatus and turn on the TV, give me a magazine if I choose, get me something to eat from the cafeteria if I like and a drink, then I recline in the recliner with a warm blanket over me and lights turned down if I like and eat, watch a movie, read or sleep for a half hour and I'm done, total time there about 1 hour. I love the nurses and atmosphere where I go to have my infusions, and I know I will feel better after about the 8th infusion. Then, I will feel OK for 6 months or so but as I keep getting lower on my iron I feel tired, out of breath, can't catch my breath, lack of oxygen, I look pale and tired and I get head aches more. Then it is time to get more infusions. I wish these insurance companies would pay for infusions before we get to 35 when they will pay. Half the year I feel lousy this way when if I could have an infusion once a month to keep me always up there at 125, 140 or more, I would feel good all the time. It makes life so hard this way. I wonder if we anemics could ever get together and get the laws and rules with the insurance cover changed. What do you think Anemic's?

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