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Hi, I have been receiving IV iron for years now, since 2005, actually. I too have had severe reactions to the IV iron. I started out with Infed for my first infusion and that the was the last time I was given that. I, too,
had anaphylaxis.

I was then placed on Ferrlicit and I received that for three years. I was having significant reactions to the Ferrlicit but I was given tons of pre-meds, meds during the infusion and meds after to counteract the reactions. The reactions were getting worse and worse and lasting longer and longer. I was hospitalized several times due to these bad reactions.

I was then told by my hematologist that I could no longer receive IV iron and that I would have to depend on blood transfusions. The big problem is that the blood bank would not transfuse until my Hgb was down to 8. I start to feel really bad when my hgb hits the mid 11 range. I was trying to work full time and be a mother but I could not function while we waited for my Hgb to drop lower.

I was then sent to 2 different hematologists, at large teaching hospitals, for a second and third opinion. They both felt that I should be tried on the third IV iron preparation, Venofer but in a very controlled, hospital setting. I have had two 8 weeks courses of the Venofer. I still have to receive all the medications to try to prevent a reaction. I did have some mild-moderate reactions but they are tolerating them for the time being, as blood will be my last option and it is not a good one. Venofer is the drug with a history of the least reactions but it is also the most expensive preparation so many doctors and insurance companies do not like to order it.

I would go ahead and try the Venofer. There are not many other options for you unless the source of your anemia can be identified and corrected. Good luck.

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