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what is a good reference range for a female b12
I was told above 700.
[QUOTE=mbbasketball;3952863]I was told above 700.[/QUOTE]

Seriously? Yikes. I'm way behind at 253.
I was told the top of the reference range which is about 700-1100 depending on ranges. I run about 850 without supplement. Anything under 500 should be worked on very hard to build stores of B-12. FLFG
Grr, I wish doctors understood optimal vs "within range". I've had my B12 tested twice in the past 6 months, and it was at 385 both times. Two of my doctors looked at it and said it was fine, even though I've had some numbness in my toes and tingling in my fingers.

Thank you all for your posts on here!
Dragon79--No matter what happens or what the labs read:p, the proof is in the symptoms, your body's way of telling you what is really going on;). Our job is to listen and respond accordingly. FLFG
I was having MAJOR issues at 362 - muscle twitches, extreme fatigue - you name it. My hematologist said she often has patients experience trouble below 400. I get monthly B12 shots and take daily prescription folic acid.

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