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Re: Low ferritin
Apr 13, 2009
Hi and welcome to the boards :) As a lot of us on this board have found out, it can take ages for ferritin to rise. Once you begin building your stores, your various bodily organs will take it all, not leaving much for energy or hair. It's only when your reserves are sufficiently high enough to go around to all the organs such as muslces, bone marrow etc that your energy and hair can start taking their share.

It also depends on you as an individual and what is causing your anemia.

Often when people first start off supplementing with iron it's very slow progress. You have to remember your body has been almosed starved of iron and what little you had left had to cover so many areas in your body, including transporting oxygen. When there is little there and you exert yourself in your daily routine, you will obviously feel very tired out. This is why rest and relaxation is a good idea, no excessive exercise until your stores build up somewhat.

Fortunately my ferritin only got down to 8, but it's taken me a little over 3 years to get it up to 82, with a number of setbacks along the way. I know 82 might sound like a lot, but i got there the hard way and in my case it only began moving up fast once i got to 60. Prior to that it was extreme slow going.

I used to only focus on my ferritin, but later i found out i had a thyroid condition as well has messed up hormones and malabsorption of nutrients due to my pancrease not making sufficient enzymes to help digest protein. My hair shedding is not due to my low ferritin, but either due to my thyroid problems or my estrogen excess. This is why i'd advise anybody who is low in ferritin to find out why, is it diet related, do you eat meat, are you gluten intolerant, do you have any other health issues? These are all things you need to find out as low ferritin is normally a symptom of another illness.

Hope you feel better soon :)

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