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Re: Low ferritin
Apr 14, 2009
:wave:ibovel123 --Welcome to the boards!

There are certain foods that will inhibit iron absorption so you should avoid taking your supplement with those, even though it usually takes large amounts to interfere. Some of the basic foods that will do this are: oxalic acid found in spinach, phosphates in milk, dairy products. Also sodas, phytates in beans and tannins in tea and coffee can all interfere with iron absorption. Just take in those in between iron not close to supplement time.

As you are asking about absorption, Vit-C 500 with each iron dose will enhance the absorption of iron several fold. However, it needs to be taken at the same time with the iron. Both vit-C and iron must be present in order for the absorption within the intestine to occur. It is recommended to drink orange juice with your iron fortified cereal in the morning, not milk or to eat i.e., broccoli with meat and you only need 3 oz a small amount.

For maximum absorption of iron, it is taken with oral supplement or juice rich in Vit-C. There are many food lists out there that you can read which have easy picks for food combinations. The biggest plus for absorption is Vit-C with a heme meal.
Re: Low ferritin
Apr 16, 2009
Cathy57 - when your ferritin does rise, do you stop taking your supplements? If you do, that would account for your ferritin dropping again. My ferritin rose incredibly slowly, then when it did rise it would bomb back down, even when i was taking the same iron supplement. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow for my new results so i'm hoping it hasn't bombed again.

As you have Hashimoto's and you are also perimenopause you could be in for a rough ride, depending on the state of your hormones. If your regular hormones eg: testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are decently balanced, menopause will be kinder to you. Through my research i've found that women whose hormones aren't balanced to begin with end up having a rougher ride through menopause. Exercise and diet are very important when it comes to hormones too. Exercising in the morning, doing cardio type exercise is the best.

Thyroid treatment seems to be a bit of a hit and miss affair with a lot of doctors and Endo's. There aren't too many doctors out there who will work with your lab results, set targets rather than ranges and work with your actual symptoms.

You really have to doctor shop if you feel all your issues are not being addressed. My doctor has so far done a stool analysis where he checked to see what my digestion was doing, a saliva hormone test to see what my hormones were up to, including my adrenal function, he's done a liver detox test to see how my phase 1 and 2 detox processes are working. With the thyroid you can't simply look at the thyroid alone. So many things affect the thyroid and a poor functioning thyroid can affect other things. Thyroid suffers, especially Hashimoto's, appear to have a lot of issues in common. We generally are low in certain things and this can be due to malabsorption, but i've read we have thyroid receptors in various areas of our body and one location is the stomach. I gather this means nutrient abosrption can be minimised leading to things like low ferritin, low B12, Vitamin D and in my case i have to take daily iodine supplementation.

When i look back, my hormone issue, as well as hair shedding and a slow dropping ferritin all began around a similar time frame. Just prior to this is when i saw the Endo who claimed i didn't have a problem, but i still have those test results and i most definitely had Hashi's back then.

As for being knowledgable (laughs at that :D ), these boards are where i've learnt so much from other contributors and my big help along the way is actually FLFLOWERGIRL :) who has passed on so much knowledge to others. I've also done a lot of independant research on the net, picked my doctors brains. Sometimes the dishes can wait and the research comes first :) I don't think anybody can afford to sit back and let doctors dictate how it's going to be, especially when they keep drumming into your head that nothing is wrong. That's just not on!!

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