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Being hypothyroid causes a lowered production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which leads to malabsorption of iron. You have to have acid in the stomach to convert the iron to be absorbed in the small intestine. Being Hypo-T also cause heavier periods. It is not the acid that raises the ferritin, but is the higher amount of iron intake, the iron that is not readily needed will be stored. When the iron that is excreted is more than the amount taken in then there is an imbalance in the iron and this is when the iron stores are called upon.

If you are using a maintenance dose of iron you should be able to keep the ferritin at reasonable levels once raised to a high level. If they are falling rapidly it would be because you either are having a malabsorption of iron or blood loss most likely OR not high enough iron intake. People that have a problem with iron need a certain amount for a maintenance dose and every individual is different.

You also have to build the iron stores to a high level 70-90 for optimal health and hair regrowth. Hair loss is ~usually~ due to nutritional deficiency and not hormones in perimenopausal women. When iron is off it throws off many other things in the body, especially the thyroid function and conversion issues.

If you already have Hashi's that is probably the culprit for you, but it can also be from several things at the same time. Have you seen a GI doc and had all appropriate test completed? Take care. FLFG

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