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That would be right!! Us Hashimoto's sufferers seem to get the bad end of the stick in everything!!

I too have Hashi's and it's taken me a bit over 3 years to get my ferretin up to 82 with quite a lot of ups and downs. It's been such a BIG struggle and i've almost given up along the way. It didn't really start moving faster until i got my ferritin up to about 50, which took me a bit over 2 years. It also didn't start moving until i began taking digestive enzymes. It was found that my pancreas was not producing sufficient enzymes to digest protein foods. I had no problem digesting fats and carbs, just the protein. I eat a very healthy diet and i eat red meat so i know it's not diet related.

My hair is still shedding and in my case i believe it is hormonal as my estrogen is on the excessive side and that is one symptom of estrogen excess. It can't be due to my iron as i recall when my ferritin was about 35 (yearssss ago) and i wasn't shedding hair. My thyroid meds have my thyroid under control so i'm assuming my hair shedding isn't due to that, so that leaves estrogen.

Having gas/bloating as a symptom could be due to your digestive system not working efficiently. My bloating stopped after i began prescription digestive enzymes. The plant enzymes in the health food store didn't do much for me. It can also be a symptom of gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance. You might want to get tested for all these things. Gluten intolerance can lead to anemia too, due to malabsorption of nutrients.

Next time you are having a blood test, you should also get your Vitamin D checked out. A lot of people are low in Vit D, but particularly people who are low in iron and B12 and anybody with a thyroid condition.

Stress, lifestyle, diet and illness can all lead to malabsorption and symptoms like gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome.

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