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Hello All!
I apologize for whining but I just need to vent about my 3 month follow-up with my hematologist this morning.

First issue: My appointment was at 9:00 but when I got there my name wasn't on the list because the receptionist forgot to put me into the computer. Fortunately she had written it on my chart so she apologized and said she would explain to the doctor and squeeze me in.

Second Issue: doctor did a quick exam, then left and said she would return with bloodwork results. Soon she returned and said there was a delay. Finally returned with a printout and was all smiles.

I was not - the labs were incomplete - no ferritin, iron, Saturation, B12 - they take longer she said and she promised that she would call me later in the day with the results. You guessed it - no call.

This happened the last 2 times I saw her as well. I don't understand why they won't let you come in the day before to have your blood drawn so the results are all there for the doctor to discuss with you in the office instead of over the phone?

Third Issue: I'm really frustrated because she was all smiles with the CBC results and I am concerned about what she said. She was happy because my Hemoglobin and Hematocrit were normal and shows that I don’t have anemia. DUH! I reminded her that they’ve actually been normal every time since they discovered my ferritin was a 5 last July. Ironically the range on my lab results say that normal for Hemoglobin is 11- 15 and I keep reading everywhere that normal is 12. My results today were 12.9 which is better than 11.6 in July, 11.4 in November and 12.7 in January. My Hematocrit (range is 34 – 46) was 38.2 but previously it was 35.6, 37.2 and 38.8 in July, November and January.

Doctor then says since your H and H are good and show no anemia and you’ve been on iron supplements for 6 months, you don’t have to take anymore iron and you don’t need to see me for 6 months. I immediately corrected her and said but I’ve only been on the iron since November 20 which is only 5 months. I then reminded her that she said she wanted to see my ferritin get up to 50 and asked if she thought it would have improved to that when in January it was only a 12. She insisted that it was not necessary to take any more iron and that I would get enough in my food. Now I know I didn’t go to medical school and I don’t even have a degree in biology but this goes against all I have read here from you ladies and in other places. She said she was not concerned because I’m postmenopausal and have no bleeding.

I don’t get it. So tomorrow I will wait again for the phone to ring to see how much my ferritin improved.

Thanks for listening! I tried to explain this to someone at work and she couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happy not to take the iron pills anymore. Thank goodness I knew I could come here and vent to someone who would get it.

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