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Tricia2007--Welcome to the boards!:wave:

There are many things that can make you feel tired. But..... if you are still feeling this way you should have a standard CBC from your PCP to see if you are anemic. If you are, then they will want to do an iron panel, B-12, folate to see what type of anemia you have, along with a ferritin, iron stores. A thyroid check would also be in order, which can present with the same symptoms of anemia which can also lead to a lowered ferritin.

You are right about the effects of grape juice, it is known that red wine and dark juices inhibit/block iron absorption. The antioxidant compounds in dark juices such as; red grape, and prune *block* absorption of iron. However, light colored juices such as; pear, apple, grapefruit, orange, and white grape increase iron absorption including white wine.

With that being said, there are also a few things to know. Ferritin *usually* takes years to deplete for someone that eats red meat. Since you are a vegetarian, this would not apply to you. You require a much higher level of iron to keep your stores filled, so I would guess that you didn't start with a very high ferritin to begin with. This with iron inhibiting causes *could* result in a lowered ferritin (iron stores) and eventually anemia.

Next, ~IF you are anemic~ at your age, have you had a colonoscopy at 50 as suggested? If not, then you really may want to think about having a upper and lower to rule out any problems. At the least to see a GI doc for a consult. A sleep study may also be in order.

It's good that you are informed. A simple blood test will give you further answers, but don't put it off. You can continue to drink grape juice but away from your meals so that it won't interfere and you should be okay. Many times there are no symptoms for people until they are very anemic. I had a 8.5 Hgb and 2 ferritin and the only symptom that I had was I began eating ice chips on a regular basis, couldn't live without them but I felt great. Take care. FLFG

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