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Your lab ranges are very different from mine:confused:. According to your lab range, if 12.0 is the bottom and you are "within range" you would not be considered anemic, as long as your Hct and RBC's are also in range. Those numbers define anemia.

It is my understanding that anemia related to chronic disease *usually* results in MILD anemia, unlike IDA, that can leave you extremely low in Hgb. So, IF this is the case for you it may fluctuate periodically putting you just over and under the range, but you might always remain on the low end. So, this would make sense to me.

Your serum iron and Sat % remain low, but I'm not sure if there is an increase over your last labs? If it is getting worse, staying the same, or better? Were these tests fasting too? Here in the US, Sat % is usually 25-35 % and serum iron is 50-75-170 roughly, if this makes any sense to you with your ranges. The serum iron would show the amount of iron circulating in the blood at the time of testing. These two test are telling of iron stats in the body, however, ferritin is the more telling, excluding chronic disease of course.

If you are being as careful as you are, I wonder if that's not contributing to better organ function which in itself may play a role in anemia. I don't know if this is even possible, just a thought.

As far as the ferritin goes, I do clearly understand the acute phase reactant part. It may not be a reliable indicator, as you say, but I would still want to know what it is for the record. It may also be indicative (in a way) of the amount of activity going on inside your body. It MAY not be reliable, but it may also show normal at times too. I think It's worth it for the record to know. That is IF they would even do the test for you in the first place.

So, it is my thought that it would be natural for you to fluctuate above and below range but not too far in either direction of the lower limits. I don't think in your case IF your anemia is caused by CKD that it would just go away. Perhaps it is two part including iron deficiency and this would change things up a little. Some of your numbers like serum iron and sat % numbers may be low because it would be diet related. These cannot be raised without iron intake. What shows in the blood circulating at the time of testing reflects intake. I don't know if that helped at all but that is what I get out of it FWIW. Take care and I'm glad you are looking better! Hope you are feeling better too. FLFG ;)

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