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Flflowergirl, :)

thank you so much for your reply! You've given me a lot to think about by putting everything into a perspective. As always, you've made many good points and raised some interesting issues.

I am not sure about my previous iron lab levels-except those included in the CBC with differential. I know that my nephrologist was not concerned in the least about anemia, saying that it was something (unlike the kidneys) that could be easily corrected. I guess I will have to wait until the next round of testing to see where I stand, compared to today. Obtaining the test results should be no problem in the future, because I will be using the same lab. They have a lifetime standing order for my renal labs, a reason I cannot request any changes in or additions to the specified tests - such as ferritin. I would like to know what my ferritin level is, for the record, as you say. I can try asking my GP for this test next time I see him but doubt he'll see the need for it. You asked if the tests were fasting -the answer is yes, they were, because some of the many things tested were fasting.

Because you mentioned it, I must say I am seeing a difference in my breathing and generally feel much better. I have been attributing these improvements to my return to work several weeks ago, and my weekly physiotherapy sessions, which have helped so much with the muscle aches and pains. But, I'll bet you're right in saying that my increased hemoglobin level has improved the function of all organs. I hope this trend continues! Thank you for your input once again. :)


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