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Help / Info please
Apr 23, 2009
My sister (in her 40's, healthy until all this began) has completed 4 iron infusions and her 'iron level' has dropped down to 10. I'm sorry but she's unable to tell me which specific level and I'm a thousand miles away. They are sending her blood sample out of state to the Mayo Clinic - any idea why?

She has been extremely ill for 5+ months: pituitary tumor that can't be treated until her severe anemia is under control. Numerous times has been told this is not cancer. She has had every test known to man with the exception of one, the capsule looking for bleeding in the small intestine ... doctor's reasoning is, if he had to open her up she'd bleed to death - again, back to the anemia.

She lives daily now with terrible head pain, eyesight is going, cannot walk more then aprox 10', confused, is so tired she can barely move, depressed from all this and has had no choice but to move in with our mother for care.

What's prompted me to write asking for any help/info is today I got a call saying she's given up, refused to go for her iron infusion treatment because in her mind it's not working...she believes she's going to die from her anemia. Her neuro & hemotologist have both said her iron level should not be dropping after 4 weeks of infusions and my sister is just so upset she can't think straight anymore.

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