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chis--Welcome to the boards!:wave: I don't know what condition that you have that is raising your iron levels, I can explain some things to you that may help you understand what results you should be looking for.

[QUOTE=chis;3965001]I am 50 and still have periods but very heavy for the last year. I'm wondering what these blood results mean.

Iron, Total 251 normal is 40-160[COLOR="Blue"]This number should not exceed the range. The high end range for this number is typically somewhere between 150-170 depends on the lab. Also, was this a FASTING iron test? This number changes according to supplements and foods we eat. Are you taking iron supplements? [/COLOR]

TIBC 379 normal is 250-450

Transferrin Saturation 66 normal is 15-50%[COLOR="Blue"]Your Sat% should not exceed ((45%)) so that you don't overload iron.[/COLOR]

Ferritin 14 normal being 10-232[COLOR="Blue"]This shows that you have very little iron storage, which if overload is your case this would actually be a good number to have.

So my serum iron is very high and also transferrin saturation is high
I know that the iron and tibc is divided to get the transferrin saturation

Also worried that my ferritin is very low normal.
Can anyone tell me what's going on.

[COLOR="Blue"]I can't say that I know what is happening with you because I am only a dumb patient, however, you have high iron and sat that could be an indicator of iron overload. If you are having heavy periods as you say, this could be acting in they same sense as a phlebotomy would for someone wanting to lower iron stores due to a iron overload condition. Many times this can be overlooked until a women reaches menopause. So until your ferritin is elevated above 200 I don't think that they would even treat you now. After menopause women begin to hold and store the excess iron. That is ONLY IF this is what is happening to you. I am just giving an educated guess here according to what I have learned about this condition. Also, Have you had a CBC because this tells much more about the actual blood cells and you will want to know what your MCV is because this also can be elevated if there is too much iron, also seen in other conditions too.[/COLOR]

The doctor never mentioned these results. She was concerned about my urinalysis coming back with micro blood.
[COLOR="Blue"]Many times the doc address the most important thing first.[/COLOR]

I just picked up a copy and saw this. Thank you for any help and info.

[COLOR="Blue"]It's good that you got a copy of your labs and acted on it. I think that you may want to have further testing done. When an iron panel comes back high then the next test should be DNA testing according to my doctor. I really can't say if this is what is happening with you, but your % and iron should be lower. Definitely go back and ask questions. Do you have a GI doc? They tend to know a great deal about this stuff. Keep us posted. FLFG[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

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