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H All, :wave:

I havent been on in awhile but Ive read through most all posts & Im happy to see that some of you are doing better. For those who aren't, I know it sure seems like a long road ahead building up these darn Iron stores!

Ive been on Iron 3x/day (Since Dec 08) & Ironically, it doesn't affect me so Im ok with it.
The only thing my hematologist tests on my revisits, so far is the CBC. She did an iron panel in Feb 09, & my Ferritin was 7. She doesnt always do an iron panel, which probably makes sense (I think Flowergrl posted in one of her ads, her Dr knew it would be low, so why bother) but I dont know if my Ferritin & such is rising. I doubt it, highly.

At first I was on Slow FE for 2 months and my Hmgbn went from a 12.8 (Lab range was 12.0-18.0) to a 12! (Same lab range) ODD! I switched to Ferrous sulphate & in 2 weeks, it went up to a 13.8 (Lab range 11.7-15.5) ....Wondering now, could this have been an error? So I was thrilled. Mind you, during this time, I ate every iron fortified food in site! I do mean everything!
Two weeks after that, my GYN did CBC & Hemgbn was 12.8. (Lab range 11.7-15.5) Seems like a drop for someone who is consistantly taking iron 3x/day, without forgetting, huh?

So now, 1 month later, I went to my hematologist & it was Hmgbn 13.1 (Lab range 12.0-18.0). In the entire month, it stayed the same for the most part. I even made sure I went right 'before" my period so theres no need to think it could run lower because of that.

Am I wrong to think I should see an increase ONLY & consistant? I thought Id go from 12 to 13 to 14, ect?

Id love to know your opinions~~

My Dr seems to be a lil pushy on the IV Iron. Not in a bad way, more of, if you want your stores increased, take IV.

Ive had all the GI workups, checked for fibroids, my periods arent TOO heavy but of course they say, all other tests are clear........its gotta be the periods.

Also are you supposed to stop Iron before bloodwk? I never did.

How is everone else doing?? Thinking of you all. ;)

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