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Took my little girl to the GP last week as she has been looking very pale lately and has been feeling a little light headed.

I asked the GP to do a ferritin test and she said that they did not do them now unless it actually showed in the hgb test that you were anaemic. Of course I told her that I was actually NOT anaemic but had very low ferritin levels and that it did actually cause a lot of symptoms. (a feeling of deja vu came over me - been there, had the same arguments!! ) Anyway she took two phials of blood and we went on our way.

The receptionist rang today and said my daughter is anaemic and there is a prescription waiting for her. Her hgb was 13.3 and her ferritin 14. So, her ferritin level WAS actually tested - strange after being told that they would not do it and 13.3 is, I think, within normal levels and she therefore is not anaemic, though the receptionist said she was (but I suppose she is not medically qualified).

She started her periods two and a half years ago and in the beginning ended up in hospital as she was so heavy. She will not eat any red meat and eats very little fruit and veg. She is a nightmare child! I have actually been giving her a child's vitamin supplement which includes iron for the last few weeks when I started thinking there might be a problem.

What am I going to do to get more iron into her? She point blank refuses and at 12 years old is not a baby! She has fortified cereal, wholemeal bread and eats brocolli, carrots and peas. The only fruit she will eat are apples and raisins. And, she loves cheese and has plenty of yoghurts, milk etc

I'll just have to tie her down and force feed her, lol!


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