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Hi Audrey, Interesting... you and I seem to have similar problems, I really believe my ferritin's been low since the 80's but my docs never did anything about it... In the 80's no one ever talked about iron and hair loss... when I started taking iron tablets for the first time in 2002, I saw a surge in growth in my hair... but it continued to fall and be thin...I have worked my iron levels up to 100, but they fall faster than they climb as soon as I stop my pills, I eat red meat whenever I can. My hair continues to fall even when I'm 100... I saw a new doc and he said my adrenals need to be checked... said they're probably low... I had them done 2 years ago... he said I may need cortef long term... that this could mainly be due to my adrenals.... I know I'm low in potassium.. Anyway. I'm getting another adrenal saliva test to see how bad I am. and then I'l probably go back on cortef... I must admit, I did have some cortef a while ago, but I didn't use it regularly... My hair just gets thinner and thinner over time. I gets really bad in July (hot weather). It almost feels like my whole body is shutting down... digestion, hair, nerves are bad... but really, stess is a killer.... my ADHD kids make my life a misery and my husband is almost as bad... I also just discovered I have cancer..cathy.. yes, we've discussed digestion before, a short time ago...

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