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Christine--This is very different for everyone. My hair has always done a little shedding throughout the years. I was probably Hypo at the time and never knew it. I, like you, and many others also had low iron for many years prior to my illness and diagnosis. My hair started falling out really bad to where I could notice a difference in the amount and new hairs all over my head. When my ferritin got to 20 I noticed that it slowed way down and only got better from there.

When it comes to your thyroid, this can change at any given moment, so you may want to check it out again. I have mine checked every 3 months, but I have Hashi's. Take care. FLFG ;)
xtine04 - you need to find out where you ferritin is at now. When i looked through old blood test reports from waaaay back, before my abnormal shedding, my ferritin was in the mid 30's. Now it's been 60 and over for at least one year and my hair shedding issues are the same. The only time it really slows down or no hair is lost is once the colder months/winter sets in. Once the weather begins to warm again it starts up slowly and leads into an abnormal shed.

I do have Hashimoto's and my testosterone is slightly elevated and i have excess estrogen. My doctor also discovered that i wasn't digesting protein foods very well and therefore had malabsorption of various nutrients. All these things will lead to hair shedding.

I'm on digestive enzymes and hydrochloride tablets to help digestion and increase stomach acids. I make sure i eat extra protein by eating almonds, brazil nuts and cashews together, i also drink isolate whey protein powder most mornings and every dinner has some form of meat in it. Doing all of this you would think my iron could hold its own and my Vit D and iodine levels would stay put, but no, i still have to take supplements for all these things. Oddly enough my B12 and zinc are fine so no malabsorption there. I find it odd how certain things only are not being absorbed readily while other things are.

I know my hair issues could be related to all of the above, but then why does it stop shedding during the coldest months? I've sort of come to a conclusion of my own and feel that instead of having the "correct" hair growth/resting/shedding phase which is supposed to span over "X" time, my cycle is a super short cycle and must only last "Y" time --- if that makes sense? I feel most normal peoples hair cycle is using "X" time, while mines doing it's own individual thing. Very frustrating.
Hi Cathy - Sorry to read that you have just been diagnosed with cancer, is it thyroid related? It's so much to juggle having all these issues, but cancer would tip the scales i'd say. I hope you have a good doctor and i hope it's treatable. I have read that having autoimmune diseases can make you more predisposed to other autoimmune diseases, but cancers too. That has always been at the back of my mind and i've not know how they can make this link? But i wonder how much of it has to do with our hormones. Estrogen excesses are linked to cancers in women and prostate cancer in males. Low thyroid symptoms are linked to having an estrogen excess. Not many doctors check your estrogen levels when you are hypo, despite it being well known that hypo is linked to having excess estrogen. Anyway, i do wish you all the best and taking things one day at a time is always best. The treatment options these days are amazing too.

yes we do appear to have a lot of the same issues, but i believe it's linked to the Hashimoto's. My thyroid doctor and my previous trichologist i saw for my hair shedding both said that thyroid suffers, particularly when its an autoimmune related disease, appear to suffer so many identical issues.

My adrenals are good now, but i kept up with my cortisol meds. I was on Cortate. Cortef is likely the same thing, just different brand names depending which country you are in. I was on cortisol meds due to low cortisol levels and was taking it for about 8months. I'm now not on it and asked my doctor how could my adrenals have improved. He said having high levels of Vit D helps the adrenals. He'll keep monitoring my adrenals just incase i slip back.

My ferritin falls too if i stop taking it and i'm a meat eater. My iodine levels need supplementing as does my Vit D. It's never ending. I think it's all linked to the malabsorption courtesy of our digestive system. Even with artificial help via digestive enzymes, i don't think this is the same as when your digestive system can stand on it's own two feet............ And we wonder why our hair keeps falling out. I'm surprised as much of my hair is still on my head as it is, considering all else which not quite right :)

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